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LDS is committed to providing a wide breadth of individualized support programs in person and online to meet your child’s unique learning needs. Our sliding fee scale ensures that our support remains inclusive and accessible to all families.

Why LDS?

Experienced, specialized instructors

Our instructors include BC-Certified Teachers, Special Education Assistants, Orton-Gillingham-certified instructors, Speech Language Pathologists, Inclusive Education Instructors, and Certified Early Childhood Educators.

Individualized, resource-intensive support

Individual learning plans are customized by our specialized team: a carefully matched instructor, an experienced case manager, and our Assistive Technology Manager, all coordinated by our Director of Education.


We consistently integrate leading assistive technologies in innovative ways into our programs to improve and more deeply personalize the learning process for our students.

Proven results

Our multi-year studies conducted with UBC show that LDS RISE students are catching up to their general classroom peers on average by up to ½ grade level per year.

Accessible and inclusive

We design our physical and virtual spaces and programs with inclusivity top-of-mind. Our sliding fee scale ensures that students of all ages and backgrounds can access our support.

Responsive Program Delivery

We deliver programs at our two learning centres, in schools, online, and onboard our LDS Access mobile classroom.

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With over 17 programs for children, youth, and adults, LDS is a leader in special needs education and offers the most comprehensive learning support in Canada.

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Our Policies

To ensure the highest level of attention to your child’s learning needs we have outlined Program Policies that provide guidance on attendance, technology issues, online learning best practices, and more.

Policies will be updated as needed—the last updates were completed in September 2022.

For more information, please call 604.873.8139 or email

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Download: Program Policies
Download: Program Policies – Addendum for Summer
Download: 2022 Health & Safety Policy (August 4, 2022 update)
Download: Assistive Technology Reference Guide

Funding and Tax Information

As a nonprofit charity, LDS is dedicated to providing equitable, affordable access to learning support for all students. Click on the button below for details.



For students to get the maximum benefit from the support they receive, continuity of service is key. Please consult our calendar for LDS-wide schedule updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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At LDS we provide both informal and formal assessments. Our informal/Level A assessments provide grade-level estimates for reading, writing, spelling, and math.

Each LDS student receives an informal assessment at the beginning and end of the school year from their instructor. Our formal/Level B assessments, e.g., KTEA-3, are standardized assessments provided by LDS that indicate an individual’s grade-level performance in core subject areas including, reading comprehension, math computation, math applications and concepts, letter and word recognition, spelling, and written expression.

Through our partnership with UBC PSCTC, LDS can also refer individuals with specific learning profiles for a formal psychoeducational or neuro-psych assessment.

Identifying a learning difference (LD) can be challenging, especially at an early age. Some of the common signs that an individual may have a learning difference include: 

  • Difficulty in reading and/or writing 
  • Challenges with math 
  • Distractedness and/or memory lapses 
  • Challenges following multi-stage directions 
  • Clumsiness 
  • Challenges with telling time 
  • Difficulty staying organized 

Formal assessments, such as psychoeducational evaluations (sometimes called “psych-eds”), can provide a formal diagnosis of a LD or other neurodiverse issues, but may be subject to long wait-times and material cost.  At LDS we are able to offer other helpful assessments in-house, often called “Level B” assessments, such as KTEA-3, and we can also refer LDS students with specific learning profiles for psychoeducational assessments or neuro-psych assessments through our partners at UBC PSCTC.

Discover Josh’s story.

Jennifer and Donna share their son’s story, and how working with LDS helped him realize his potential and discover his superpowers.

We believe that every individual should be empowered to achieve greatness their way.