Educational Tool: Gimkit

LDS is continually looking for innovative tools to engage and inspire our students. One tool that our team is using this school year is Gimkit

Gimkit is an online educational game platform combining gaming and learning elements to create a fun, engaging, and personalized learning experience. Developed by students for students, Gimkit incorporates features that encourage collaboration, competition, and critical thinking

Within Gimkit, there are many kits. Kits include customizable questions, and content teachers can tailor to suit their students. There are various question types, including multiple-choice, true/false, and short answer, to accommodate diverse learning styles. Teachers can create kits or use kits shared by the Gimkit community. Customizable settings include time limits, question types, and power-ups for strategic gameplay. 

Questions from the chosen kit are randomized and feature adaptive difficulty to keep the game challenging while catering to individual student needs. As the game progresses, teachers can track student performance in real-time, gaining insights into areas where students excel and identifying topics that may require further attention. 

Teachers can assign Gimkit games to students to continue practicing at home when applicable. Teachers send a link to the family, and students can practice from anywhere. 

Incorporating Gimkit into our teaching toolkit has transformed the learning experience for many of our students. The combination of gaming and educational content captures student attention. It encourages active participation with a deeper understanding of the material. 

If you are looking for individualized learning support that incorporates assistive technology and tools like Gimkit, contact us to learn more about RISE One-to-One Instruction.

– Becky Bishop, Lead Instructor and Adult Program Manager

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