Preparing for Post-Secondary: Part Four

Have you been accepted to a post-secondary educational institution? Congratulations! Now what? 

Part Four: Reading your Program Calendar and Finding Resources

Transitioning to post-secondary education will be a different experience for everyone. It is important for individuals with diagnosed or suspected learning differences to be proactive in preparing for this new experience.  

Program Resources

One of your post-secondary institution’s most important resources is the program calendar. This calendar may include:

  1. Dates and Deadlines (start and end dates, orientation, exams, etc.) 
  2. Admissions and Fees 
  3. Policies and Regulations 
  4. Services, Facilities, and Organizations 
  5. Library Information 
  6. Faculties/Colleges/Schools 
  7. Course Descriptions

In the weeks approaching your semester, familiarizing yourself with the program calendar is a great way to get informed about what is happening at your institution and prepare your agenda with important dates and deadlines. The program calendar can also give insight into some of your institution’s supports that may benefit you.

In addition to your program calendar, Student Aid BC has put together a helpful Resource Directory of Accessibility Programs and Services to help you find accessibility services at institutions across the province.  

Don’t forget to book any accessibility request meetings in advance.  

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This post is part four of a five-part series on preparing for post-secondary education with a learning difference; Part One: Accessibility Services, Part Two: Registering for Courses, Part Three: Transitioning to a New Schedule, Part Five: Reading your Syllabus and Talking to your Instructors.

– Becky Bishop, Lead Instructor and Adult Program Manager

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