Spring Treasure Hunt

Spring is a time of renewal; a time to crawl out of the winter snooze and take advantage of this new energy to create a fun and easy learning experience for you and your kids!  

A great way to get outside and explore your neighbourhood is with a neighbourhood treasure hunt. Treasure hunts can happen anywhere, be adaptable to any age level, and have physical, mental, and learning benefits. 

By taking curiosity in what is in your neighbourhood, you and your child can: 

  • Connect with nature  
  • Get outside and exercise 
  • Learn neighbourhood safety  
  • Improve sensory regulation 
  • Develop skills including observation, sequencing, and problem-solving 

We hope you get outside, be safe, have fun, and keep learning! 

Download this FREE treasure hunt activity with samples of different ways to hunt and extra challenges to keep you and your kids busy and learning this spring break! 

– Becky Bishop, Case Manager and Lead Instructor

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