Educational Resource – StoryShares 

If you have a child or student struggling with reading and are not excited about reading books geared to young learners, this resource could be for you! StoryShares books engage striving readers beyond grade 3. These are high-interest, low-reading level and low-vocabulary books written by crowdsourcing authors worldwide using their online reading level analyzer.   

StoryShare Books

Our LDS library has some hard-copy books for high schoolers/adults with low reading levels (mostly reading levels for approximately grades 3-4). These books have a maximum of 1500 words and are broken into short chapters. Some of the books are decodable readers, with controlled text that focuses on specific letter-sound connections. This encourages readers to practice decoding skills and reduces the need to guess unknown words. 

Reading material at an approachable reading level with age-appropriate topics helps beginning and emerging readers engage with the storyline, increases enjoyment of reading, and helps to build reading comprehension skills.  

Check out StoryShares’ irresistible books and help your older child or student engage with age-appropriate books that help them get excited about reading. 

Virginia Van Zee, Lead Case Manager

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