Summer Bucket List

Looking for ways to spend the last weeks of summer? Create a bucket list!  

A summer bucket list is a great way to set and accomplish goals during the summer while encouraging quality time with your family. A bucket list can be customized to your own needs and interests. You can even set learning goals to prevent the summer slide!  

Creating a bucket list with your children has many benefits: 

  • Develops focus 
  • Promotes learning and curiosity 
  • Creates excitement  
  • Fosters motivation 
  • Gives a sense of accomplishment 

A bucket list is an easy way for your children to set goals and follow through – an important life skill. Check out our suggested and blank bucket lists for you to create your own. Most importantly, stay safe and have fun this summer! 

“Summer slide” happens when students lose gains that they made during the previous school year. 

– Becky Bishop, Lead Instructor and Adult Program Manager

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