As a nonprofit charity, LDS is dedicated to providing equitable, affordable access to learning support for all students. Thanks to the ongoing generous support of our donors, grantors and sponsors, we are able to connect qualifying families with external bursaries (see below) as well as provide an internal bursary fund to help subsidize the cost of our programming to families in need. 

During our intake process, our Program Team helps identify families who may be eligible for internal or external bursaries. Families must be able to demonstrate financial need through tax documents (i.e. the previous year’s household Notice of Assessment). Qualifications vary depending on the funding organization.

Through internal and external bursaries we are able to reduce the rate that the family is required to pay. Bursaries may vary depending on the program. Please consult the appropriate program page for additional information regarding funding.

Please note that none of these funding sources are guaranteed even where a family technically meets the criteria.

CKNW Kids’ Fund

  • Eligible families must have a gross household income of $75,000 or less based on previous year’s Notice of Assessment(s)
  • Funds up to $1800 every six months for tutoring
  • Funds up to $2500 every six months for speech and language services (not simultaneous with tutoring)
  • Please see our “CKNW Kids’ Fund Application Guide” for assistance and important information as well as the application form’s instruction pages

 Variety Children’s Charity Heart Fund

  • Eligible families must have a net household income of $85,000 or less
  • Funds up to $1500 every year for tutoring
  • Variety’s funds are extremely limited and are allocated on a first come first serve basis

Autism Funding Unit (AFU)

  • Eligible families must have a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis
  • Funds up to $6000 for services that support skills development, including communication, social-emotional, academic and life skills
  • To set up AFU coverage for LDS programs, please complete a Request to Pay (RTP) Service Providers/ Suppliers Form. The fastest way to submit is through My Family Services.
  • Please speak with an LDS Program Team member for additional information

Jordan’s Principle

  • Eligible families must have a status or non-status Indigenous child who lives on or off reserve
  • Requires a completed request form, brief summary of the request, official quote from the service provider, and supporting documents such as: a letter from a health/social professional involved in the children’s lives that directly recommends the requested support
  • Applications can be emailed, mailed, or made over the phone through Jordan’s Principle’s call centre that’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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