Becky Bishop

Senior Manager, Youth and Adult Programs

Master of Science in Human Dimensions of Wildlife, Bachelor of Education

Becky (she/her) is a passionate activist and holistic educator with a diverse background dedicated to fostering inclusive learning environments. Drawing from over a decade of experience working with students facing learning challenges, she approaches education with empathy and creativity. Becky holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Geography, a Master of Science in Human Dimensions of Wildlife, a Bachelor of Education, a Teaching Skills Enhancement Certificate, and is B-level Assessment Certified. Becky is studying neurodiversity-informed mindfulness practices, seeking to integrate these principles into her educational framework. 

Having taught individuals from preschool to post-secondary levels, Becky has honed her teaching philosophy, centred on building interpersonal connections to support students in discovering their unique learning styles. As someone navigating life with ADHD, she brings firsthand understanding and compassion to her teaching approach. 

Beyond the classroom, Becky finds joy in a variety of hobbies, including reading, crafting, and video games. She cherishes moments spent with her beloved dog and two cats, relishing the balance they bring to her life. With an unwavering commitment to activism and a love for learning, Becky continuously strives to empower others on their educational journeys while advocating for a more equitable world.