Teen Mentorship

Do you know a teen with a learning difference who wants to enter the workforce but needs support and guidance to get there?


Secondary students or young adults with learning differences, ages 15-21, who are looking for graduation and workforce transition support are welcome to apply to the program.


Aessions are offered in-person or online via our interactive learning platform.

In-person sessions are available at our East Vancouver Learning Centre or in our North Vancouver Learning Centre.


Sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis on student and instructor availability. The length of the program is dependent on the needs of the individual student and is identified during the intake process.

Intake is rolling, so please apply now!

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Program Description

Teen Mentorship is specifically designed for teen students. It includes one-to-one explicit academic and workplace skills-based instruction to focus on the teen’s needs, interests, and abilities. The program includes a practical, paid work experience opportunity at LDS and is tailored to the individual student to meet their pre-employment skills and training needs. 

Participants are paired with a specialized instructor who works with them to develop manageable and timely goals that can be met during the program, including: 

  • Identifying areas of skill and interest related to employment.
  • Learning how to search and apply for jobs. 
  • Creating and tailoring resumes and cover letters for job applications. 
  • Interviewing skills and professional communication. 
  • Learning workplace expectations. 
  • Time management and financial literacy. 

Participants complete eight weekly one-to-one sessions with their instructor to develop and meet their program goals. Participants will also complete a concurrent, paid work experience at LDS, where they learn to apply the skills they learned in their one-to-one sessions.  

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Program Highlights

Teen Mentorship offers one-to-one instruction and support in the following areas: 

  • Development of employment documents (resume, cover letters). 
  • Identifying, applying to, and interviewing for employment opportunities. 
  • Communication skills.  
  • Time management and financial literacy. 
  • Mentorship and leadership training. 
  • Paid work experience opportunity. 
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As part of the program, participants will also have the opportunity to apply and interview for a job at LDS, as part of building their employability skills. All participants will receive coaching and mentorship on all aspects of the application and interview process, and will have the opportunity to participate in a paid work experience at LDS as a Learning Centre Assistant or Program Assistant depending on their skill and interest. Paid work placements include 24 paid hours of work across 4-8 weeks that work around student school and extra curricular schedules.

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Our donors play a vital role in sustaining our programming. We are so grateful for their continued support of children and youth in our community with learning differences.