RISE Assistive Technology

Our one-of-a-kind Assistive Technology Studio is revolutionizing the way we help students with learning differences. We partner with world-renowned educational institutions and innovative assistive technology companies to ensure our programs use the latest research and technologies.


Assistive technology software and hardware options may be of benefit to any student, including those with learning differences.


LDS offers a variety of software licence options to LDS families.

We also offer access to our RISE-AT Studio at our East Vancouver Learning Centre where students, families and our instructors can demo and use leading-edge software and hardware tools.


If you are a current LDS family and have not received information on how to use Read&Write, BeeLine Reader, MindMeister, Live It Earth, or Grammarly, please email us.

Our RISE-AT Studio is now live at our East Vancouver Learning Centre.

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Program Description

Assistive technology is any device, software or equipment that is used to maintain or improve the functional capabilities of a person with a disability, including a learning difference.

Assistive technology can support meaningful accessibility and inclusion and provide students an equal opportunity to learn on their own terms. Assistive technology can empower students, provide greater independence, stimulate greater engagement and lead to improved learning outcomes and enhanced emotional and social development.

While technology and assistive technology do not replace effective teaching they can enhance the teaching and learning experience and enable engagement in ways that are not possible with conventional methods. When appropriately selected, assistive technology can be an effective tool to help bridge learning differences.

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How LDS uses Assistive Technology

At LDS we are using assistive technology to enhance best practice in our teaching and student learning and to further the accessibility and inclusiveness of our support. We are carefully identifying and assessing potential assistive technologies for specific use in individual student’s learning plans to maximize the benefit to each student.

We recognize the complex nature of each student’s unique learning difference and related social and emotional challenges and we are carefully incorporating select assistive technology in our customized RISE programming. We are employing assistive technology to help our instructors teach more effectively, promote greater student engagement, and provide all students with equal opportunities for success.

Assistive Technology Reference Guide

RISE-AT Studio

We continue to expand our RISE Assistive Technology Studio supported by our thoughtful and generous LDS technology sponsors. Our RISE-AT Studio showcases a variety of leading-edge hardware and software assistive technology tools that can assist, support and enhance learning for individuals with learning differences. Our RISE-AT Studio is available for use by our LDS community to explore technology options that may be helpful to their learning progress.

The goal of our RISE-AT Studio is to inspire a collaborative community of technology users and developers to advance assistive technology innovation and adoption to support the advancement of accessible and inclusive education for those with special education needs.

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RISE Assistive Software Suite

LDS has rigorously tested and carefully selected several software tools to offer to our students and families for use in lessons, in school, and at home. These products include MindMeister, BeeLine Reader, Grammarly, Read&Write, and Live It Earth. You can learn more about these products in our RISE-AT Reference Guide above.

To claim your free copy of any of our assistive software tools, please contact at@ldsociety.ca. You can also register for an LDS assistive software virtual tour to get an in-depth introduction to our assistive software suite.

Contact us to book virtual tour
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