Like you, we believe that access to expert, specialized learning supports should be available to all children and youth, regardless of their ability to pay.

Why LDS – Learn. Develop. Succeed?

Thanks to donors like you, LDS has been transforming the lives of children with learning differences for over 50 years!

Our methods work for kids.

UBC studies of our students have shown remarkable advancement in literacy.

Our interventions can help society.

According to a report from the Justice Institute of BC and the Vancouver Board of Trade, “Early interventions for disadvantaged kids… reduce crime, teenage pregnancy and welfare dependency.”

Ways to Donate

Help us to support hundreds more vulnerable learners during these challenging times.

From the students, staff, and board of LDS: THANK YOU!

LDS is a Canadian registered charity (#108166307RR0001). Charitable tax receipts will be automatically issued to the name and email you provide below. Gifts can be made in honour, celebration or memory of anyone, at your discretion.

Donations in USD may be eligible for a US tax receipt via our fund held at Vancouver Foundation. Please inquire.

Give Monthly

Split your annual donation into 12 equal payments to transform lives all year. Giving monthly is safe, easy, and helps us to budget for our bursary fund.

Donate Securities

Donating appreciated investments provides you with additional tax benefits, and can be done in your lifetime or as part of a legacy gift.

Donate Bitcoin, Crytocurrency, Real Estate or Life Insurance

If giving via cryptocurrency, real estate divestment or other non-cash assets works best for your tax / estate planning and giving priorities, we are pleased to accept these methods of donation via our fund held at Charitable Impact:

Fundraise for LDS

Support children and youth with learning differences by organizing a fundraising event with your friends, family, neighbours, or colleagues.

Legacy Giving How To

Step 1

If you don’t have a will already, we recommend you seek professional help from an experienced legal and or financial advisor to ensure your wishes are honoured. If you do have a will already, it’s fairly simple to amend it.

Step 2

It’s important to include our full name and charitable number in your will. Without this, we may not receive your gift.

Legal name: Learning Disabilities Society of Greater Vancouver

Charitable Registration Number: 108 166 307 RR0001

Step 3

We recommend you share the following clause with your advisor: “I give all or (enter a percentage or fixed amount) of the residue of my estate, a specific cash legacy, or specific proceeds of the liquidation of an asset, to Learning Disabilities Society of Greater Vancouver, charitable registration number 108 166 307 RR0001 (the “Society”). I request that funds be used for the highest priority need as determined by the Society at the time of receipt of funds.”

Please note we can only accept cash or cash proceeds of assets that have been liquified by the estate; we cannot accept title transfers of real property or other assets.

Thank You to Our Supporters

You, our donors, grantors and sponsors, play a vital role in our organization and we are so grateful that you have chosen to support children and youth in our community with learning differences.

Our Technology Sponsors

LDS would like to thank the following companies for supporting our commitment to technological innovation adoption to enable accessibility for all vulnerable learners.

Thank you to our donors for supporting children and youth in our community with learning differences.

Alice Santilli
Almunir Kamdar
Alysia Baldwin
Amanda Burrows
Amy Chessell
Andrea Davidson
Andrea Mary-Lynn Paquette
Andrea Prout-Bernett
Andrew & Golnaz Mindell
Andrew Nand
Angus Reid
Anna Lau
Anna Wex
Annah Kassen
Anonymous Donors
Anotidaishe Gwesu
Anton Minnion
Arianne Bilas
Ashish KC
AtkinsonDalton Foundation
Audree Munn
Barbara Joan Quinn
Bernie & Grace Hensel
Blake R. Carscadden
Bill and Risa Levine
Binod KC and Nisha Dhaubhadel
Brian Conlin
Brian Duong
Brian H
Bruce Forbes
Buchanan and Chris Mullen
Caitlin Lloyd
Carlo and Sophia De Mello
Carson Ting
Cathy McLay
Celia Courchene
Cheryl Killam
Chilton Family
Chris Spencer Foundation
Chris Stuart
Christa Couture
Christine Bergeron
Christopher Bjerrisgaard
Christopher Thomson
Dan Howe
Danielle Cowley
Darya Abdollahi
Dave W Eleiter
Dave Harris
David Ferguson
David Panko
David and Darrell Mindell
David Toole
Don Safnuk
Dr. James Wortman and Anne LeBlanc
Dr. Meagan Smith
Dr. Patricia Rupnow
Edward and Dana Wright
Edwin Ochmanek
Eleanor Melanson
Ellen D
Emily Sullivan
Emma Sutcliffe
EMSAY Studio
Ericka Parr
Esther Speck
Eva Cipera and Dan Howe
Fiona and Gregory Adams
Finan Family
Fletcher Family Foundation

Franco Trasolini
Gerald Girard
Gillian Verge
Gina Ungaro
Glenn Eleiter
Hamlet, Salina, Ara
Han Lei Huang
Harold and Margaret Hoffman
Heather Bell
Helen Ambrose
Helen Sawchuk
Helpalittle Foundation
Hyeyoun Lee
Jacklyn Ferguson
Jacqueline Lai
Jamie Tufford
Jeff Sterzuk
Jennifer Dober
Jennifer Smith
Jillian Gear
Jim Belsheim and Susan Aitchison
Jim Claydon
JoAnn Kwantes
Joe Wright
Joel Nitikman and Liny Chan
John Horning
John and Claire Nicola
John and Dana Montalbano
John M. Murphy and Leslie D. Lee
John Minnion
John Robertshaw
Johnny Chen
Jonathon Dowdeswell
Joyce Wagenaar
Kari Koskela
Khamil Alhade
Kieghibi Fortune Alibo
K.J. Wolfe and Associates Inc.
Lara Kilbertus
L Achtemichuk
Larry Peterson
Laura Covaza
Laura Sullivan
Leah Plumridge
Lorraine Bennington
Marianne Wilson
Marisa Cruickshank
Margaret Mitchell Fund for Women at the Vancity Community Foundation
Mark & Libbie Bromfield
Mark Brown
Marion Man and Scott Shaw
Martin Ertl
Martha Riddell
Mary Addison
Mary Hammond
Matt Davison
Matt Murdoch
Matthew Moradian
Melanie Hanson
Melissa Henderson
Melissa and ChrisSager
Merran Blackwood
Mia Mccardle
Michael Manion
Michael Rose
Michelle Reid
Michelle Rupp
Mike Bryden
Molly Loudon
Naomi Devine
Naslishah Thony
Neil Jensen
Nejeed Kassam
Nick Maile
Nina Tappin
Paisley Murray
Pam Sack
Pat and Bob Smith
Pamela & David Richardson Family Fund, held at Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation
Patricia Rupnow
Patrick White

Paul Bahia
Paul Sarachman
Peter Ladner
Philip Kwan
Pierre Blais Thinktalent Inc.
Praveen and Anuja Varshney
Rachel Forbes
Raquel Olchondra
Reg Chow
Rick and Kelly Eng
Rob Spooner
Robert Bernett
Robert McDonald
Robyn Rapske
Rohan Roy
Ron Au
Ronith Cogswell
Rowan Minnion
Rubia Apdal-Villamin
Ryan and Nicole Stocker
Ryan Vopni
Sally Morrison
Samantha Hodhod
Sara L
Sarah Vopni
Sarah W
Scot Atkinson and Lisa Dalton
Scott Martin
Sean Luck
Semanur Gulen
Shawn Aspden
Shelley Gray
Sierra Skye Gemma
Sonia Basso and Bruce Barker
St. Mark’s College, UBC
Staples Family
Stephanie Snow
Steven Caldecott
Steve Munford and Pip Willis
Stewart McCuaig and Kelly Kempel
Sue Jamieson
Sue Dvorak
Summer Split Foundation, held at Vancouver Foundation
Susan Yurkovich
Ted Rogers Community Foundation
Thaisa Gorniak
The Geyer Family
Thelma Masindo
Thomas A and Ida M Tait
Tom Pressello
Timothy Hoggan
Tina Caron Ahroon
Tony Guglielmin
Trista Baldwin
Tyler Fairbrother
Urszula Lipsztajn
Vicki Vopni
Wendy and Eric Harris
Wendy Simmonds
Westbourne Projects Ltd.
William Flood
Windsor Plywood Foundation, held at Vancouver Foundation
Yash Singhal
Zhivago Marakathalingasivam

We believe that every individual should be empowered to achieve greatness their way.