RISE in School

Our RISE one-to-one instruction is also delivered within school settings. We are currently working at or in collaboration with several public and independent schools.

In our Research-informed Individualized Student Education (RISE) program, students work one-to-one with a qualified instructor on ongoing, remedial support, explicit instruction, tutoring and homework support. The goal of this program is to improve student independence, confidence, and academic success. 

Please read more about RISE one-to-one here.

What families are saying

Here are some of our testimonials from RISE One-to-One:

“The instructor assigned to us by LDS is amazing at getting my daughter engaged & excited to learn. She has grown by leaps and bounds and is getting better at reading all the time. Thank you I could not do this alone!”

“The LDS instructor is an integral part of my son’s education, as she helps him with his novel study for language arts. The magnitude of this assignment would be overwhelming for him, if not for this help.”

“The care and dedication shown by my daughter Instructor has improved her reading tremendously! The commitment and energy of our Instructor with my daughter really helps us on narrowing in on the areas she really needs to work on.”

Who is the program for?

RISE is for students in grades 1 through 12 who have a suspected or diagnosed learning disability.


Where is it offered?

RISE in School is offered at participating elementary and secondary schools.

We are able to place instructors directly in your school, or at a neighbouring location that is easily and safely accessed by students during regular school hours. 

When are sessions?

Sessions are scheduled in collaboration with school staff and teachers to accommodate your child’s existing class schedule. 

    We operate on a sliding scale fee model to ensure our services are accessible to all families. 

    We work directly with your child’s school to arrange accessible service.


    Email us or call us at 604-873-8139


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