LDS Access

LDS Access is our mobile classroom outreach service that provides our RISE learning support and Assistive Technology to children and youth in neighbourhoods where they live

The LDS Access bus is parked in front of an electric re-fueling station

Working with local Vancouver companies, Green Power and NGSI, we customized a clean energy all-electric minibus to create a mobile classroom for students with learning differences, the first of its kind in Canada. 

Award-winning artist Carson Ting was inspired by LDS Access and created a mural that wraps around the bus and captures the essence of the LDS Mission and Vision.

The LDS Access bus is baby blue with a bright, colourful graphic on the sides and back.
The LDS Access bus is baby blue with a bright, colourful graphic on the sides and back.
The LDS Access bus is baby blue with a bright, colourful graphic on the sides and back.

The innovative design elements of LDS Access ensure COVID-19 protective measures are maintained within each of the mobile classroom’s three physically distanced tutoring stations.

The interior of LDS Access contains three bright blue and green teaching stations

LDS Access will serve families where they are regardless of their ability to pay, breaking down transportation, financial, and social barriers for children with learning differences.

Please watch our LDS Access video:

Who is the program for?

 Students in grades 1 to 12 with suspected or diagnosed learning differences looking for continuous, high-quality, one-to-one learning support.

Families looking for specialized learning support in the neighbourhood where they live.


Where is it offered?

Local supports are offered in the mobile classroom with community partners. Contact us today to bring LDS Access to your neighbourhood! 

When are sessions?

Lessons are generally 50 minutes each of instruction and are offered Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 8:00pm as well as Saturdays between 9:00am and 5:00pm.   

Lesson times vary depending on the program and the time of year. 

There are no extra fees associated with the use of LDS Access. 

LDS Access Supporters

LDS would like to thank the following donors for supporting our commitment to ensuring access to critical learning support for all vulnerable learners.

Christine Bergeron

Bill and Risa Levine

David and Darrell Mindell

John and Dana Montalbano

Greg and Elese Sullivan

The Robertshaw Family

Sonia Basso and Bruce Barker

Steve Munford and Pip Willis

Windsor Plywood Foundation

LDS is grateful to its thoughtful and generous community of supporters whose financial and in-kind donations are enabling LDS to develop LDS Access and continue to push for excellence in all areas, providing accessible and inclusive support for children and youth in our region. 

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