Inclusive Language Toolkit from Stigma-Free Society

We are very proud to have worked with the Stigma Free Society to contribute to a fantastic resource, the Stigma-Free Glossary. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the types of language to use when referring to an individual from a specific community or identity category. It provides a wide variety of definitions and terms to educate readers about inclusive language. At LDS, we continuously work on ways to be more inclusive and welcoming; the Stigma-Free Glossary is a great tool that enables us to practice this and help others practice this on a day-to-day basis.  
As SFS acknowledges in their materials, not all terms are universally preferred by everyone within a community and we urge you to always ask what terms people prefer and be open to learning about their preference. Self-determination is key for inclusion to advance. 
To learn more about how to use more inclusive language, check out the Stigma-Free Glossary here

– Abigail Lobo, Senior Manager, Education

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