LDS Early RISErs learning support program brings together a wide range of early childhood professionals and assistive technology to offer families of young children a unique opportunity to develop and grow together.

LDS Early RISErs brings together Speech-Language Pathologists, Kindergarten teachers, Early Childhood Educators, Behavioural Interventionists, and Occupational Therapists to offer families a unique technology-embracing program that provides assessments, skill learning, parent networking and strategies to overcome children’s challenges by leveraging strengths.

Early RISErs is an early childhood education and intervention program with parent/guardian participation that is focused on equipping families with knowledge about their young child and their learning and development to date.


The program, designed and facilitated by early childhood experts, focuses on key areas of learning and development including early literacy, early numeracy, speech language acquisition, social and emotional learning, and physical literacy to give families a detailed snapshot of their child’s learning and development to date, and engage young children in hands-on learning opportunities carefully scaffolded to individual child’s needs.

Who is the Early RISErs program for?

This learning support program is for preschool age children (three to five) who are able to participate in small group programming with some independence.  The Early RISErs program is for any parents/guardians who are seeking evidence-based early childhood educational programming, early intervention support and information, and insight about their child’s learning and development. The program is suitable for both families with no specific concerns about their child’s learning and development, and families who may have concerns and are looking to have their child work with a range of early childhood professionals who can provide specific information about their child’s learning challenges, strengths, and development to date.


Early RISErs uses a small group format (10 children and their parent/guardian) and involves both whole group (parent/guardian and child) learning activities, and time where children work in small groups and individually with learning support staff while parent/guardians received information and guidance relevant to their child’s educational, learning, and social needs. Parent/guardian participation is central to young children’s successful participation in the program

Where and when is the program offered?

The Early RISErs program will run for 10 weeks in Fall 2021 from October 15th to December 18th. The program is 2 hours per week and is offered in three locations:



for the 20 hour, 10 week program

The program includes an individualized report of your child’s learning and development to date covering areas such as receptive and expressive language, early literacy and numeracy learning, social and emotional learning, and fundamental movement skill development. The program includes a detailed report of your child’s learning and development to date at the conclusion of the program.

We operate on a sliding scale fee model to ensure our services are accessible to all families.

We can discuss detailed fees and bursary support options during your intake interview.

Internal bursaries may be available for families who qualify. 

Please see our Funding Page under Resources for more information on third party grants and qualification criteria.

Most of our programs qualify for BC Ministry Autism / ASD funding.

Key features of our Early RISErs program

  • Intake screening for all program applicants
  • The use of informal and formal assessment measures to identify and communicate each individuals learning and development to date
  • Small group and individual instruction
  • Engaging and hands-on programming incorporating age-appropriate assistive technology developed in partnership with The Bloorview Research Institute
  • A detailed report of the child’s learning and development to date at the conclusion of the program
  • Programming developed and delivered by an interprofessional early childhood team that can assess and support children and families in all areas of early development
  • Referrals to further early years supports, professionals, and resources on an as-needed basis
  • Targeted information around early development, early childhood education, and the transition to kindergarten for families
  • Opportunities to build community with other families with young children

* Spots are limited; an application does not guarantee a placement.


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