Cause We Care Bursary for Single Mothers

We are excited to announce the establishment of the Cause We Care Bursary for Single MothersCause We Care is a public foundation that invests in programs and services that support single mothers to achieve security and build positive futures for themselves and their children. 

Many families experience financial stress, compounded when seeking support for children with learning disabilities. LDS is committed to providing equitable, accessible, affordable access to customized learning support for vulnerable children and youth. This new bursary helps us to ensure that 20 more low-income single mothers receive free or low-cost support for their children with diagnosed or suspected learning disabilities.  

Generous supporters like Cause We Care are making a difference in the lives of families in our community. Here is what a recipient of this bursary is saying: 

Being a single parent, it was tough to afford the specialized [instruction] he needed for his learning needs. This support came at just the right time, making it possible for my son to get the help he required. His confidence is up, and he’s making great strides academically. I’m really thankful for Cause We Care’s dedication to helping families like ours. 

Parent/Guardian of a grade 4 student

As a nonprofit charity that relies on diverse funding sources to help support our families, we acknowledge the importance of establishing funds for particular equity-deserving groups like single mothers. Even with our generous sliding fee scale, we receive many requests for exceptions from single parents who – due to various challenging external circumstances – find it difficult to make ends meet and need extra support or bridge funding. Having funds like the Cause We Care Bursary for Single Mothers makes it easier for us to say, “Yes, we can definitely go the extra mile to support you and your family,” which means we can better lift everyone up. 

– Rachel S. Forbes, Executive Director

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