Neuroaffirming Drop-In

We are excited to offer parents/guardians an opportunity to connect and learn at our early years drop-in.

  • Do you have any concerns about your child’s development? 
  • Are you wondering what the best time is for your child to start kindergarten? 
  • Are you looking for a safe, affirming space to talk about your child’s learning?

Bring your kids and questions.

Join our early years team for fun, engaging, neuroaffirming play and talk to an expert. At the drop-in, you and your child will enjoy free play, circle time with music, self-regulation strategies with QT the robot, a learning activity, and time to chat with our early years professionals.

  • Who: Parents/guardians are welcome with 3-5-year-olds and their siblings.
  • When: Friday afternoon from 1-3pm from January 19 – March 15 (not running on long weekends)
  • Where: 3292 East Broadway 
  • Suggested donation of $10

What do we mean by Neuroaffirming?
LDS takes a neuroaffirming approach, which means we believe in a strengths and rights-based approach to developmental differences and aim to provide support and adaptations that affirm a learner’s neurodivergent identity.

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Drop in FAQs

  • Can people attending an Early RISErs cohort come? Yes. 
  • Can a childcare provider/daycare operator come? Yes.  
  • Can someone with questions come without a child? Yes. 
  • Can someone with children younger than 3 come? Yes. 
  • Can someone bring an older child and their 3-5 year old? Yes. They are welcome, but we may not have things for them to do.
  • Can someone come and talk to the team about other LDS programs? Yes, and we’ll do our best to share information during the drop-in. 

Thank you to our Early RISErs supporters for making this drop-in possible: Windsor Plywood Foundation, held at Vancouver Foundation; TELUS Friendly Future Foundation; Odlum Brown; Diamond Foundation; Paul and Nicole Geyer; SVP Vancouver

– Sara Jane R. Walker, Senior Manager, Communications

LDS is a community of dedicated professionals who write collaboratively. We recognize the contribution of unnamed team members for their wisdom and input.