Walk a Mile in My Shoes Workshop on November 16th

Do you know someone with a learning difference? Would you like to understand how they experience the world? 

We will be holding a free online Walk a Mile in My Shoes (WAMMS) workshop on Monday, November 16th, from 6 pm  7 pm. 

WAMMS workshops use simulations and exercises to raise awareness about learning differences. Facilitators and participants explore learning disabilities such as dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, visual perception, and others. This workshop is designed to give participants an understanding of the factors that influence a child’s ability to learn, and how we can support students with learning difficulties, as parents, teachers, educational support staff, and/or community members. Participants will gain knowledge about current thinking in the field of learning disabilities, and a practical understanding of how they may affect life at home and at school. 

Register your interest and join us on Monday, November 16, at 6 pm.