Press Release: LDS Launches Mobile Classroom Service, Providing Learning Support Access to Kids Most in Need

LDS Launches Mobile Classroom Service, Providing Learning Support Access to Kids Most in Need

Vancouver, September 7, 2021 – Today, the Learning Disabilities Society (LDS) announced a new mobile outreach program, LDS Access, intended to work as a ‘classroom on wheels’ which will ensure access to critically needed learning support services in the Greater Vancouver region.  Hitting the road this summer, the mobile classroom enables access to LDS specialized support for children and youth with diverse abilities, in their own neighbourhood, eliminating barriers such as transportation access or financial circumstances.

“Our new LDS Access initiative furthers our commitment to provide accessible and inclusive support to all children and youth in our region with diverse abilities and to transform their lives through learning,” said Dr. Jennifer Fane, LDS Director of Education.  “Our mobile classroom service will ensure that students with access challenges can receive our one-to-one instruction from our highly skilled instructors and support from our comprehensive LDS assistive technology suite in locations close to where they live.”

The mobile classroom, housed in a clean-energy electric mini-bus, is the first of its kind in B.C. and its design reflects public health guidelines for the pandemic.  Special care has been taken in the mobile classroom design, including the addition of barriers between instruction units and modification of windows to ensure maximum airflow, to ensure compliance with all COVID-19 related safety protocols.

Many families have been severely challenged through the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those with children with special needs, and the LDS Access program will provide them with the same high-quality, one-to-one RISE (research-informed individualized student education) instruction provided at its leaning centers and in supported schools.  

“We were overjoyed to learn about the new LDS Access mobile classroom service,” said Lauren, whose son struggles with a diagnosed learning difference. “We have experienced challenges accessing specific services for our son and LDS Access will be able to provide local support for our son previously unavailable to us.”

LDS Access is funded by a recent $250,000 donation. LDS is grateful to its thoughtful and generous community of supporters who through financial and in-kind donations are enabling LDS to develop LDS Access and to continue its push for excellence in all areas providing accessible and inclusive support for children and youth in our region.

As a non-profit, Vancouver-based charity, LDS relies on donations and community support in order to sustain its programming and provide bursaries to families in financial need. Those interested in making a financial contribution to help vulnerable students with learning and related disabilities are encouraged to visit LDS’s Giving page: .

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Jenn Fane, PhD
Director of Education, Learning Disabilities Society 

About Learning Disabilities Society (LDS): 

Founded in 1970, LDS is a nonprofit charity that serves children with suspected or diagnosed learning disabilities by providing customized learning and related supports. LDS’s Research-informed Individualized Student Education (RISE) model enables students to understand their unique strengths, obtain support from specialized remedial instructors, and find success in the classroom and beyond. LDS is committed to making high-quality, affordable learning support accessible to all families, regardless of circumstance.