Dyslexia in British Columbia

Have you read the November 2023 report from Dyslexia BC, “Educational Experiences and Challenges”? It draws on survey data from just under 1000 participants and contains dozens of first-hand experiences from students and families across BC.  

Learn about some of the recent challenges for dyslexic learners and advocacy efforts. This accessible report gives you a picture of how families and dyslexic learners are doing and shares data and information about:   

  • Diagnoses 
  • School refusal 
  • Educational choices 
  • IEPs (Individualized Education Plans)  
  • Financial Impact 
  • Government Initiatives 
  • Personal Stories 

…Similarities in the stories [from survey respondents] describe the challenges that individuals with learning disabilities face in getting the support they need. One parent from the 2022 survey describes how they had to “spend thousands of dollars on tutoring programs that did not work and were denied access to a structured literacy program through the school district”. This suggests that financial ability should not be a barrier to screening and diagnosis, and that more funding is needed for children with learning disabilities. 

Educational Experienes and Challenges: Dyslexia in British Columbia, November 9, 2023, page 12.

Thank you, Dyslexia BC, for your dynamic advocacy work on behalf of so many vulnerable learners across BC.  

At LDS, we are proud to provide accessible, research-informed academic support that enhances the life and learning outcomes of dyslexic learners. Our programs and services are offered on a generous sliding scale fee based on household income, removing financial barriers to support. An example of some resources and programs that support dyslexic learners are: 

– Sara Jane R. Walker, Senior Manager, Communications

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