KTEA-3 Assessment/KTEA-3 Dyslexia Index

LDS is pleased to offer the KTEA-3, a formal educational assessment, as a part of our service delivery. The KTEA-3 also has an optional Dyslexia Index that can be added on.


Students aged 4 – 25 years old, who are suspected of having a learning disability, or desire updated information on current academic performance.


The Assessment is conducted primarily at the LDS East Vancouver Learning Centre but could also be delivered at our North Vancouver Learning Centre.


Contact info@ldsociety.ca for upcoming availability for KTEA-3 assessments.

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Program Description

The Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, third edition (KTEA-3) is a Level-B assessment, which provides detailed information on current student performance in the areas of reading, written expression, and mathematics. This can be useful for families who are waiting for a psycho-educational assessment or suspect that their child is not on grade level in certain academic areas. This can be an especially useful tool for families to advocate for learning accommodations for their child. Please note that this is not a substitute for a formal psycho-educational assessment, as it does not assess cognitive performance.

KTEA-3 Dyslexia Index is a brief, individually-administered, performance-based screening tool that provides risk assessment, strength of risk, and interpretive information for team and parent/guardian communication regarding individuals who may be at risk for dyslexia.

The KTEA-3 assessment is $350 and the Dyslexia Index is an additional $50. This is available on a sliding scale for families in need.

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