The Learning Disabilities Society (formerly, the Learning Disabilities Association Vancouver) is a non-profit with a mission to empower every child and adolescent in Vancouver with a Learning Disability to achieve life-long success and happiness. In partnership with the University of British Columbia LDS provides research-based instruction to children who struggle in school. Our specialized interventionists offer individualized and professional support that teaches children to leverage their learning strengths in order to overcome their learning challenges. Within 2 to 3 years, our programs teach children to be independent in the school system.

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Several programs are offered, they include: Parent Workshops, One-to-One Summer Tutoring, One-on-One Remedial Instruction (School Year), as well as Satellite Schools Program.

One-to-One Summer Tutoring

One-on-One Remedial Instruction (School Year)

Satellite Schools Program

Supporting Children in Lower Main Land since 1980

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As a non-profit, LDS has a community of wonderful volunteers who make our work possible. Learn how you can join them today.

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Donations and support from funders make it possible for us to keep our rates affordable as well as provide access to the most vulnerable children in our communities.

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LDS is committed to transparent and accountable management and to ensuring that donor funds are used to create the biggest impact possible for our kids. When our community believes in the potential of our children, we can achieve great things!

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