Speech Language Pathology

We offer speech language pathology (SLP) for students who experience difficulties with speech, language, communication, and cognitive skills. SLP services are currently on hold but we are happy to take expressions of interest for service starting soon!


For children and youth aged 3 to 18 who have difficulties with speech, language, communication, literacy, and cognitive skills.

Please fill in our application form for a screening assessment with our SLP to identify if your child is a good fit for the program.


We will conduct a screening and the initial parent training in person at our East Vancouver Learning Centre at 3292 East Broadway and Rupert.

Remote sessions are available, subject to assessment by our SLP.


3 Initial intake and assessment and ongoing therapy sessions are by appointment with our qualified speech language pathologist.

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Program Description

Our Speech Language Pathologist will work with you and your child to establish student-centred goals. Using evidence-based methods, we will create a speech therapy program for your child, ensuring that sessions are fun, motivating and goal-oriented.

Our Speech and Language Pathologist can clinically assess and treat your child in the following areas:


  • Sound disorders (understanding how sounds work together to form words) and the production of speech sounds such as lisps or R/L sound issues.
    Speech issues that are secondary to hearing loss.


  • Verbal and non-verbal receptive (our understanding of what is said to us) and expressive language skills (using language to convey what we wish to say).
  • Integrating literacy challenges and learning.
  • Social language skills .
  • Language issues that are secondary to hearing loss.


  • Social communication, awareness and interaction skills that tie in with emotional regulation.

Cognitive and Executive Functions

  • Logic and reasoning skills, problem-solving, task initiation, impulse control, emotional regulation, planning and organization, and flexible thinking skills.
  • Issues related to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  • Issues related to Autism.
  • Issues related to traumatic brain injuries.

Aural Rehabilitation

  • Issues related to hearing loss.
  • Support in speech, listening, and language.
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Social Language Group

Our Social Language Group is a social group run by our certified Speech-Language Pathologist, where students develop and practice social language skills through games and interactive activities (e.g. board games, cooperative games) with peers of similar age and social language abilities. Skills that will be worked on include; following conversational rituals, learning how to extend the conversation rather than just responding, reading and/or using body language, and more.

The next cohort of the Social Language Group is planned for late 2023. The age group of this cohort will be determined by those who register their interest with us. Please fill out the SLP application form to register your interest, and we will be in touch when we can confirm the program. We require 3-4 similar aged students with aligned language needs to begin a new cohort of the program.

Applications closed. Contact us.

SLP sessions are $135 per hour with a sliding scale fee model offered to families in demonstrated need to ensure our services are accessible to all families.


Internal bursaries may be available for families who qualify. A current (last tax year) CRA Notice of Assessment (NOA) or equivalent from another jurisdiction will be required.


Please see our Funding Page under Resources for more information on third-party grants and qualification criteria.


Please note that currently, these sessions are not able to be invoiced to the Autism Funding Unit, but they may be covered by your extended healthcare (this is not something LDS can help you determine, please contact your healthcare provider).

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