Sofia Lopez Nakashima

Senior Manager, Assessments

Master of Science in Neuropsychology and Education, Bachelor of Science

Sofia (she/her) is a Psychopedagogy Specialist who holds a Masters Degree in Neuropsychology and Education. Sofia has extensive experience working with students with complex learning needs. She employs her psycho-neuroeducational approach to her work with students to support their development of cognitive skills in both academic and personal life. Sofia has over eight years of experience as an Educator and Psychopedagogy Specialist in diverse school, community, and private settings. She began her professional experience in the education field as a bilingual elementary school teacher in Guadalajara, Mexico where she additionally founded and directed Minds to Shine, a centre that provided individualised services for children with learning disabilities.   

Sofia is highly engaged in the educational world and creates engaging and effective educational content and experiences for students with learning disabilities, both in English and Spanish. She is a member of multiple international professional bodies, including the Canadian and American Psychological Associations. She is a psychometrician who is passionate about learning disabilities and psychometric testing and also leads LDS’s work in Executive Functioning skills assessment and programming within one-to-one programs.