Neuroinclusive Workplaces

Are you building an inclusive workplace? The conference board of Canada has recently put out a report on how to build neuroinclusive workplaces. They recommend the following steps:

  1. Awareness training
  2. Offer alternatives to traditional hiring processes
  3. Develop flexible accommodation processes
  4. Build trust: people first management
  5. Foster community  

You can learn more about the findings in this report here:

How to get started

Did you know that we offer a popular workshop, Walk a Mile in My Shoes, to build awareness in schools, businesses and community-based organizations about learning differences? Learn more about LDS workshops and how you can increase awareness. 

LDS is developing a workshop for organizations on how to build neuroinclusive workplaces, and we are accepting bookings for 2024. Contact us to learn more.

If you are a neurodivergent adult looking for support in the workplace or know someone else who would benefit from support, check out our RISE Now program. Achieve your learning, education or employment goals with our intensive, individualized support.

Please reach out if you have questions about these programs or our other supports for students and families.

– Sara Jane R. Walker, Senior Manager, Communications

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