Assistive Technology: SMART Technologies’ SMART Board

What is Assistive Technology? 

Assistive technology (AT) is any device, software, or equipment that is used to maintain or improve the functional capabilities of a person with a disability, including a learning difference. Technologies include hardware, or physical technologies that are kept on-site at our AT Studio, and software, or technology available via a computer that can potentially be used from home. To learn more about why and how LDS uses AT, head to our AT webpage.

What Does the SMART Board Do?  

The centrepiece of our AT Studio, SMART Technologies’ SMART Board is an industry-leading interactive display whiteboard that offers tools for LDS instructors to take their teaching to the next level. SMART Board offers a ton of effective and easy-to-use tools to make learning fun and engaging for in-person and remote learning. Built-in software allows instructors to personalize their lessons and access materials with ease, making the delivery of lessons easier and more effective than ever before.  

SMART Board Features: 

  • 20 points of touch – Allows multiple users and tools like eraser, marker, and timer, to be used simultaneously. 
  • Built-in Android – Instructors can quickly access One Drive, Google Drive, teaching materials, and personalized tools. 
  • SMART Ink – Draw, annotate, and write on any type of document or webpage. Also allows users to move/erase notes, save files, and convert notes to text. 
  • SMART Learning Suite – Enables students to learn remotely by logging into an online classroom with an instructor via the SMART Board screen. Additionally, a SMART Board screen can be shared via Zoom for remote lessons.  
  • Supports all major computer operating systems (Windows, ChromeOS, Mac).

How to access the SMART Board?

We offer the SMART Board as part of our AT Studio, a space dedicated to the collaborative use of leading-edge assistive technology to help our students with learning differences. To learn more about how your child can benefit, email our AT Manager at