Assistive Technology: Grammarly

What is Assistive Technology? 

Assistive technology (AT) is any device, software, or equipment that is used to maintain or improve the functional capabilities of a person with a disability, including a learning difference. Technologies include hardware, or physical technologies that are kept on-site at our AT Studio, and software, or technology available via a computer that can potentially be used from home. To learn more about why and how LDS uses AT, head to our AT webpage.

What does Grammarly do?

Grammarly is a software tool that offers real-time writing assistance on all your devices. Grammarly will make spelling and grammar suggestions as you type and can suggest improvements to your tone, voice, word choices, and more while offering justification for its feedback so you can learn to improve your writing long term. The best part is that it’s available for all; it can be used as a browser extension, desktop app, online editor, Microsoft Office add-in, iPad app, and mobile keyboard, and can be used for academic or business writing. Once Grammarly is connected, simply use your device as normal and watch as Grammarly corrects your spelling and grammar and offers suggestions to improve your writing. 

Grammarly features:

  • Tone detector can help your writing sound just the way you want.  
  • Conciseness suggestions tighten loose phrasing and make sentences easy to follow. 
  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation suggestions eliminate errors. Clarity-focused sentence rewrites will automatically rephrase hard-to-read sentences. 
  • Engagement and fluency suggestions enhance your vocabulary and word choice. 

How can my child access Grammarly?

Our RISE Assistive Technology Studio is supported by our thoughtful and generous LDS technology sponsors, including Grammarly. Like all our assistive software tools, LDS offers Grammarly to our students and their families for use in lessons, in school, and at home. To claim your free copy of Grammarly, please email our AT Manager at You can also request an LDS assistive software virtual tour to get an in-depth introduction to our assistive software suite.  

We offer Grammarly as part of our AT Studio, a space dedicated to the collaborative use of leading-edge AT to help our students with learning differences. To learn more about how your child can benefit, email our AT Manager at