Assistive Technology: C-Pen ReaderPen

What is Assistive Technology? 

Assistive technology (AT) is any device, software, or equipment that is used to maintain or improve the functional capabilities of a person with a disability, including a learning difference. Technologies include hardware, or physical technologies that are kept on-site at our AT Studio, and software, or technology available via a computer that can potentially be used from home. To learn more about why and how LDS uses AT, head to our AT webpage.

What does C-Pen Reader Pen do?

C-Pen’s ReaderPen allows students to scan printed text, bring it up on a computer screen, and hear it read out loud in English, French, or Spanish to help struggling readers. It’s perfect for learners who enjoy having audio and visual cues. The C-Pen also speaks in a human-like voice for students’ ease of understanding. It also defines challenging words and records voice cues. LDS students can ask their instructors to use the ReaderPen in their next in-person session!  

Scanning Pen features:

  • Scan, transfer, and store text directly to a connected computer.  
  • Text-to-speech option for audio of printed text for audio and visual sensory learning.  
  • Built-in dictionary to help students with tricky words.  
  • Voice recording so students never forget important ideas or concepts they might have learned in lessons.  

How can my child access C-Pen Reading Pen?

Our RISE Assistive Technology Studio is supported by our thoughtful and generous LDS technology sponsors. We offer C-Pen as part of our AT Studio, a space dedicated to the collaborative use of leading-edge AT to help our students with learning differences. To learn more about how your child can benefit, email our AT Manager at