Adult Learning and Overcoming Shame

As someone who has dyslexia, I was told as a child this is what you have, and your life is just going to be hard. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized there’s help, there’s LDS, and there doesn’t have to be the shame factor.

Willow, LDS student and adult learner

Adult Learner Overcoming Shame

This video is a powerful testimony from an adult learner. There is no shame in seeking help and working towards your education, work or life goals with outside support. Adults discovering or confirming a learning difference can get the help they need.

Learn more about RISE Now and how you can build confidence and successfully work towards your goals.

Many thanks to Willow for being an invaluable contributor to our Mental Health and Learning Differences forum in May 2023.

– Sara Jane R. Walker, Senior Manager, Communications

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