RISE at Home

Our RISE at Home program offers remote one-to-one tutoring to help students with a suspected or diagnosed learning difference succeed academically, and assists in building their skills and confidence in and outside of school.

Who is the program for?

Students aged 5 through 18 with a suspected or diagnosed learning difference. 

Students who live in BC and would like to access remedial instruction or homework support online. 

Students completing distance education, home learner’s programs, or homeschooling and needing specialized learning support for suspected or diagnosed learning differences. 

Students with, or who are living in households with persons who may have compromised immune systems. 

Where is RISE at Home offered?

RISE at Home is offered virtually via our TutorCruncher and Lesson Space platforms. 

When are sessions?

Lessons are generally offered Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm as well as Saturdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.  

Lesson times vary depending on the program and the time of year.

Due to COVID-19, lessons are subject to change.

Weekday hours are available for distance education and homeschooled students or those not attending school in person for any reason.

In our Research-informed Individualized Student Education at Home (RISE at Home) program, students across BC receive learning support virtually via our secure online systems from a qualified instructor on ongoing, remedial instruction, tutoring, and homework support. The goal of this program is to improve student independence, confidence, and academic success by addressing identified skill gaps and learning challenges. 

Our RISE at Home BC program allows families to access qualified and experienced instructors in the areas of phonics, reading comprehension and intervention, math foundations and writing foundations regardless of their geographical location in BC. Learning support and tutoring is available for students experiencing ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and language-based learning challenges, and more. 

Our RISE at Home BC program works with your child’s current schooling schedule and can be delivered after school or on weekends for children attending full-time brick and mortar schools, or during school hours for children completing distributed learning, home learners programs, or homeschooling. 

As a parent or guardian, please apply for one-to-one support through our online application form and select RISE at Home BC. Our Learning Support Team will then reach out to set up an interview time where we will get to know you and your child better, gather information to understand your child’s learning challenges, and begin the process of matching them with an instructor. 

You can read more about RISE at Home and how we aligned our focus on providing individualized instruction and secure experiences for students with our software platforms here.

What families are saying

Here are some of our testimonials from RISE at Home: 

“My son is enjoying his time with his Instructor. He appreciates the ability to see and speak with her and working on a variety of activities to keep his interest. During these uncertain times, the consistency of this tutoring session is helpful to maintain his motivation.”

“My daughter has been enjoying her sessions with our tutor using TutorCruncher and LessonSpace, it’s almost a better way to interact for her as she is a “techie” kind of kid so anything on a computer she likes! Overall big thumbs up at this end. We’ll certainly sign up for regular sessions when they become available.”

“My son is enjoying his time with his Instructor online and is quite interested in using TutorCruncher, he feels like he is learning something new which keeps him engaged!”

We operate on a sliding scale fee model to ensure our services are accessible to all families.

We can discuss detailed fees and bursary support options during your intake interview.

Internal bursaries may be available for families who qualify.  

Please see our Funding Page under Resources for more information on third party grants and qualification criteria.

Most of our programs qualify for BC Ministry Autism / ASD funding.

Here are some key features of our one-to-one programming. We will discuss the options best suited for your child and family during and following your intake interview.

  • Intake screening call for new students. 
  • Intake interview with family and student to assess scheduling, funding and other needs. 
  • Informal assessment (where warranted), review of any relevant educational documents (IEP, PsychEd, report cards) to determine learning needs and priorities.
  • One-to-one instruction, tutoring, remedial support and homework support as well as explicit instruction (as determined by need) by experienced, specially trained instructors on school subjects and homework. Instructors may draw from our curricula options. 
  • Instructors can support with test preparation, note-taking, and study skills. 
  • TutorCruncher summary reports after each session. 
  • Learning Support Team observation and coaching of instructors. 

Where warranted (to be determined in collaboration with families): 

  • Collaboration with specialists to support your child’s learning needs.
  • Case management by LDS’s Learning Support Team, including BC Certified Teacher(s), as well as observation and coaching of instructors (average 2 hours per week). 
  • Remedial instruction in foundational skills (phonics, reading comprehension, math foundations, writing foundations). Instructors will draw from our curricula options. 
  • Mid-term and end of term detailed reports.

 * Spots are limited; an application does not guarantee a placement.


Email us or call us at 604-873-8139


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If you would like to contribute to our bursary fund, please consider making a monthly or one time donation via our Giving Page. 

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