Legacy Giving

Transforming lives for years to come  

LDS has served children and youth with learning differences for over 50 years. Throughout these years, our vision has never wavered. We have adapted and innovated, and we are committed to providing accessible and innovative support for decades to come. Our primary aim will always be to do everything we can to ensure children and youth with learning differences have access to the learning and related supports they need to succeed.  

Choosing to remember LDS with a gift in your will is a thoughtful and generous way to remove barriers for children and youth with learning differences, build their confidence, and ultimately transform their lives as well as the communities they live in. 

Your gift to our internal bursary fund for families in need will make a critical difference in the learning and life outcomes of individual students. And it will help us reach our ultimate goal, which is to affect systems change that leads to wide-ranging social benefits.  

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What our students have to say: 

What our families have to say:

Why leave a legacy?  

By leaving a gift to LDS, you are making a significant contribution to the future well being and confidence of our community’s children, and therefore to the health of our collective community.

Leaving a gift in your will to a charity may also be a very practical addition to a financial or estate plan when tax issues are taken into consideration. Your professional advisor can speak with you about how giving may benefit both your family and your community after you are gone.

How to leave a legacy to LDS: 

Step 1:

If you don’t have a will already, we recommend you seek professional help from an experienced legal and or financial advisor to ensure your wishes are honoured. If you do have a will already, it’s fairly simple to amend it.

Step 2:

It’s important to include our full name and charitable number in your will. Without this, we may not receive your gift.

Legal name: Learning Disabilities Society of Greater Vancouver

Charitable Registration Number: 108 166 307 RR0001

Step 3:

We recommend you share the following clause with your advisor: “I give all or (enter a percentage or fixed amount) of the residue of my estate, a specific cash legacy, or a specific asset, to Learning Disabilities Society of Greater Vancouver, charitable registration number 108 166 307 RR0001 (the “Society”). I request that funds be used for the highest priority need as determined by the Society at the time of receipt of funds.”



The Government of BC has resources on wills and estate planning.

The People’s Law School has a guide on writing your will.

The Canadian Bar Association BC Branch has a great guide on how to plan your estate.

We are here to help.

Please call us at 604.873.8139 or email us at info@ldsociety.ca to find out more about leaving a gift in your will and other options for legacy giving. 

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and is not legal or tax advice. 

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