María Fernanda Guzmán

Program Coordinator

Master of Arts in Hispanic Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Literature

Maria Fernanda (she/her) is a writer with a lifelong passion for writing fantasy. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in literature from the Universidad de las Américas Puebla. She has studied abroad at City Beijing University in China and the University of Salamanca in Spain and recently completed her Master’s in Hispanic Studies at the University of British Columbia. 

Fer’s experience in education began with teaching at Prepa Anahuac Puebla in Mexico, where she developed a deep appreciation for the importance of education. She also served as a Teacher Assistant at UBC, collaborating with multiple professors and further honing her teaching and research skills. Fer’s passion for literature extends beyond writing, as she has also edited books published by the Management of the Historic Center of Puebla. 

Outside of her writing and academic pursuits, Fer enjoys diverse interests, including playing with her dogs, video games and fitness. She recently published her first novel, Arcángel: los niños elegidos and is currently publishing her second book, Archangel: Ian, on Wattpad.