Anisa Chaudhry

Case Manager & Instructor

BC Certified Teacher, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science, Diploma in Special Education

Anisa (she/her) is a BC Certified teacher and holds a Diploma in Special Education from the University of British Columbia. Anisa has worked with students at all levels, from elementary to high school, and she has taught a wide range of subjects, including chemistry, math, and English—her favourite to teach being math. She brings with her over 20 years of experience as a teacher, instructor, Case Manager, and administrator for students with diverse learning needs. She teaches because she loves the “Ah-Ha’’ moments and enjoys seeing students achieve success. In addition to keeping busy with teaching, Anisa is kept on her toes by her two daughters, and their educational journeys. As both a parent and instructor, Anisa offers a unique perspective on setting children up for their educational success.  

Recent Professional Development:  

  • Level B Assessment (2020) 
  • Mathematics Strategies for At-Risk Students