Campaign Update – $200K for 200 Kids

Thanks to your gifts, our Transforming Lives $200K for 200 Kids campaign raised an incredible $306,432, surpassing our fundraising goal! 

Your generous contributions will help us give 306 more kids the confidence and skills they need, empowering them to thrive inside and outside the classroom.  

Thank you for telling us how meaningful it is for you to support LDS. Your words of encouragement and appreciation continue to inspire our team.  

I think [LDS] is awesome and the way of the future! I understand the need as our family has neurodiversity challenges and any help and support is always appreciated and quite necessary in achieving full potential of our young humans and families.  

Nina T., LDS Donor

We can only expand our impact and make a difference in the lives of — more remarkable students with partners and supporters like you. We sincerely appreciate your kind generosity and all that you do for our community. 

Thank you for helping us Transform the Lives of 306 more learners in our community this year! 

On behalf of our learners and our team, with gratitude, 

– Rachel S. Forbes, Executive Director

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