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Impactful Learning Support

LDS is a BC-based nonprofit charity that offers accessible, innovative, and proven Research-informed Student Education (RISE) support programs to individuals with learning differences, like dyslexia, aged 3 to adult.

About Us

Social Programs

Are you looking for a social program to help your child develop and practice social communication skills and build friendships? Learn about our neuroaffirming Social Communication Group and Chess Club.

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Early RISErs: Made for Preschoolers

Early RISErs brings together a wide range of early childhood professionals and assistive technology to offer families enriched play-based learning that will set preschoolers up for success starting kindergarten and beyond.

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RISE Now Empowering Adults

RISE Now is developed for adults based on the needs, skills, and goals of each learner. The program pairs adult learners with a specialized and compassionate instructor to work towards their career, education, or life goals.

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What We Do

Through our one-to-one foundational and explicit instruction programs, tutoring, and homework support, LDS empowers unique learners to recognize their own strengths, gain confidence, and achieve lifelong confidence and success inside and outside the classroom.

Why LDS?

Since 1970, LDS has been delivering transformational support programs that span the full development cycle and target student-specific learning needs. Our expanding RISE programs are progress monitored and aligned with BC’s Core Competencies and research-based curricula. They are designed to be holistic, individualized, financially accessible, inclusive, technology-enabled, and classroom integrated. With the support of our education and technology partners, donors, corporate sponsors, and community partners, we can meet the unique needs of all learners including those with suspected or diagnosed learning disabilities (clinical term) like dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, processing disorders, and learning challenges that may be related to ASD/autism.

Experienced, specialized instructors

Our highly qualified, passionate instructors include BC-Certified Teachers, Special Education Assistants, Orton-Gillingham certified instructors, Speech Language Pathologists, Inclusive Education Instructors, Occupational Therapists, Certified Early Childhood Educators and more!

Individualized, resource-intensive support

A customized learning plan is designed for each student by our specialized team, comprised of a carefully matched instructor, an experienced case manager, and our Assistive Technology Manager, all coordinated by our Director of Education.


We consistently integrate leading assistive technologies in innovative ways into our customized programs to improve and more deeply personalize the learning process for our students.

Proven results

Our multi-year studies conducted with UBC show that LDS RISE students are catching up to their general classroom peers on average by up to an astounding ½ grade level per year with significant increases in self-confidence and self-esteem.

Accessible and inclusive

We design our physical and virtual spaces and programs with inclusivity top-of-mind. Our sliding fee scale ensures that students of all ages and backgrounds can access our learning support.

Discover Josh’s story.

Jennifer and Donna share their son’s story, and how working with LDS helped him realize his potential and discover his superpowers.

Program Overview

LDS delivers inclusive and financially accessible programs that follow its proven RISE methodology and target student-specific learning loss and educational needs.

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We believe that every individual should be empowered to achieve greatness their way.