Updates on RISE One-to-One

We are adjusting our RISE One-to-one program to be even more responsive to our students as they grow and develop as learners.  

This update is relevant to returning families planning to join us in the 2024-25 school year.

In the upcoming school year, RISE One-to-One students will continue receiving our comprehensive support. This support is personalized to meet each student’s learning goals. It includes focused learning support in these areas:   

  1. Foundational skills – literacy and/or math (often a focus from grades 1-6).  
  2. School skills – executive function skills, self-regulation for learning, studying, homework, and coursework (often a focus from grades 7-12). 

Each student has an individualized learning plan (called a RISE Learning Plan). They will receive support in both the areas above. The graph below shows an example of which areas may receive more emphasis in each grade. For example, a grade 2 student’s sessions might include less of a focus on school skills and more on building foundational skills in literacy or math.

To learn more about updated fees for the 2024-25 school year, please read this post from our Executive Director, Rachel Forbes.

To have your application for the upcoming school year prioritized, visit the RISE One-to-One page and apply by July 15.  

Alice Bromfield, Family and Student Services Manager

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