Top 10 reasons LDS camps are the best

Summer camp can be a highlight of the summer or an incredibly stressful experience for kids. For neurodivergent students, a new peer group and well-meaning new camp counsellors can make for a challenging experience.  

LDS is not like other summer camps. We design our camps for students with suspected or diagnosed learning differences and offer welcoming, dynamic learning experiences where your child can thrive.  

Here are the top 10 reasons our exceptional summer camps are the best.    

  1. Fun! A student told her parents that returning to LDS camps was the top of her list for the summer and “more fun than water skiing camp.”  
  1. Happy kids. A parent emotionally shared that she had never seen her daughter so happy going to camp. Her daughter comes home grateful and full of stories to share.  
  1. It’s okay to be you! There is no judgment or pressure to “fit in” at camp. Our instructors create a welcoming and supportive program for students with learning differences.   
  1. Highly trained instructors. This is a BIG deal! Our instructors, all BC Certified teachers, have extensive experience working with students with learning differences and provide the best care and attention. 
  1. Lots of attention. Camps are small (no more than ten campers per week), so your child benefits from a high ratio of instructors to students.   
  1. Sliding scale fees. We offer a generous sliding scale to fees based on household income. 
  1. Build reading and writing skills. In Storytelling camp, students participate in hands-on activities and receive small group instruction to enhance their reading, processing, writing, and written expression.  
  1. Build problem-solving skills. In STEAM camp, students use detective skills with hands-on experiments to enhance problem-solving skills and nurture curiosity.    
  1. Fun tech. We have some of the best assistive technology. From our social robot to interactive writing and reading tools, we have the support to make learning fun.   
  1. We can partner with you beyond summer. Our experienced team provides intensive one-to-one academic instruction throughout the school year. We are here for you as you navigate how best to support your child’s learning now and into the future. 

Learn more about our camps and other summer programs to help your child have fun and stay on track this summer.

– Sara Jane R. Walker, Senior Manager, Communications

LDS is a community of dedicated professionals that write collaboratively. We recognize the contribution of unnamed team members for their wisdom and input.