RISE TEAM combines our Research-informed Individualized Student Education (RISE) with additional Training to become an Educational Advancement Mentor (TEAM) to help younger kids with learning differences. This innovative employment readiness project is designed to help teens with learning differences transition from high school to paid employment.  

RISE TEAM is specifically designed for teen students and will include remedial instruction to focus on academic needs and pre-employment workshops and training.

Participants who are BC Secondary School students will have opportunities to accumulate the 30 volunteer hours required to graduate and will receive a reference letter to assist in their future job search.

Additionally, students who complete the program will be considered for one of two paid office assistant positions with LDS. 

RISE TEAM participants will receive: 

• Remedial instruction and learning support (schedule TBD based on LDS and family availability)
• Resume and cover letter workshops (late June)
• Mentorship and leadership training (late June)
• Volunteer experience (July – August)
• Reference letter
• Opportunity to apply for paid work experience with LDS (autumn 2021)

Who is the program for?

Secondary students with learning differences, ages 14-19, who are looking for graduation and workforce transition support as well as volunteer experience to meet their graduation requirement.

The program is ideally suited for teens who will be starting Grade 10, 11, or 12 in September 2021.  

Where is it offered?

RISE TEAM will take place at our East Vancouver Learning Centre. Remedial instruction sessions may also take place online or in North Vancouver.





When are sessions?

Workshop sessions will take place between June 28 and June 30.

Volunteer service (30 hours) will happen over the course of the summer (July and August).

Remedial instruction can be individually scheduled starting in late spring 2021.



Email us or call us at 604-873-8139


This program is funded by an Accessibility Project Grant from Disability Alliance BC (DABC) and will be offered at a discounted rate to families that meet financial qualifications. 

We would like to thank DABC for promoting inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities. 

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