Social Robotics Enhances Student Engagement

LDS works with leading researchers in social robotics. We research and apply the best ways to support students with learning disabilities.  

In 2020 LDS formed a research partnership with the Social and Intelligent Robotics Research Laboratory (SIRRL) at the University of Waterloo. This partnership led to a pilot study in 2021 and a research study in 2022. The results of this more recent research study are now available to share with you. Here is what the study evaluated: 

  1. The acceptance of the Social Robot by participating LDS instructors and students 
  1. The impact of the Social Robot on student engagement during their one-to-one sessions. 


Participants worked with LDS’s Social Robot, QT. Instructors and students accepted and had positive experiences with QT. Here is a highlight of some exciting results on how using specially programmed Social Robots within our one-to-one instruction program impacts learning. The Social Robot:  

  1. Supported setting a learning goal and staying on task  
  1. Helped students build their self-regulation skills 
  1. Enhanced student engagement  

LDS’s experienced team of instructors continues to use this research-informed technology to enhance learning in many of our programs. LDS helps students with learning differences build a robust digital toolbox.  

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– Jennifer Fane, Director of Education

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