How to identify dyslexia in adults, and get tailored learning support to succeed!

Dyslexia is a lifelong brain-based learning difference that presents as an unexpected difficulty in learning to read in individuals of average to above-average intelligence. As dyslexia is a life-long brain-based learning difference, it’s something that people may be challenged with in different ways at different times in their lives. As adults move through post-secondary, job training, different employment opportunities, parenthood and other life experiences, they may face new or evolving challenges with navigating their dyslexia – or they may need some additional work on foundational skills that they either did not have the opportunity to acquire previously or need a bit of a brush up on.

For adults, dyslexia may present itself as some of the following in some individuals: 

  • Confusion between visually similar words such as cat and cot 
  • Erratic spelling 
  • Difficulty in scanning text  
  • Slower than typical reading or writing ability 
  • difficulty organizing thoughts on paper 
  • Tendency to feel mental overload, including when given multiple types of information or instructions at the same time 
  • Avoidance of certain types of work or study 
  • Difficulty with personal organisation, time management and prioritizing tasks 
  • Difficulty listening and maintaining focus, especially when there are distractions 
  • Tendency to forget conversations or important dates 

Did you know that LDS offers a program specifically for adult learners with learning differences? RISE Now tailors our Research-informed Individualized Student Education (RISE) to the needs of adults with suspected or diagnosed learning differences or learning disabilities. The program is individualized to support adults in achieving their specific learning, education, or employment goals through targeted support and intervention. 

“I contacted LDS in September 2021 even though I was aware that the population you served [at the time] was young.  My hope was that perhaps someone might have some suggestions of resources for adults.  I never dreamed that a year later my daughter would be able to read a short sentence – which happened last week for the first time.” 

– Mother of a 36-year-old adult learner

RISE Now is specifically designed for adult learning and developed based on the needs, skills, and goals of the learner. The RISE Now program pairs adult learners with a specialized and compassionate instructor to work towards their career, education, or life goals in the following areas:  

  • Support for adults undertaking courses or training such as adult education, university courses, or pre-employment programs  
  • Explicit instruction to support foundational literacy (reading/writing) or math skills  
  • Entry or return to the workforce support (resume and cover letter development, interviewing, applications)  
  • Executive functioning skills support and development  
  • Workplace accommodation support and planning 

To apply for the program, click here to complete the online application form. Or simply give us a call to chat with one of our staff to discuss options – 604.873.8139.  

Full bursary support is available for those in financial need.

– Jennifer Fane, Director of Education

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