Will You RISE to the Challenge with Us?

At LDS, we are driven by our mission to empower all children and youth with learning differences to recognize their unique strengths and develop the tools to achieve lifelong confidence and success. We want our students to feel like they can move mountains! 

This is an unprecedented time. We are taking unprecedented measures to make sure that our community’s vulnerable learners have continuous help and access to all the learning supports they need to build confidence and succeed in school and throughout life. These supports are critical for each individual child, for their families, and for the health, safety, and sustainability of our communities.  

We cannot afford to have these kids fall through the cracks. 

Now is the time to make sure they know they’re superheroes! Our approach to empowering our students is special because we work to deliver individualized services to each child based on their needs andas a charitywe do that for every student we work with, regardless of the family’s financial situation. 

Here is what our parents have to say: 

“LDS and the bursary that they offer really levels the playing field. The cost of a service should never be something that prevents you from getting your child support.” 

“LDS is an organization that will be supporting you in every step of your child’s struggle. LDS will be there to give a hand to youIt could give you the support. It’s not education, it’s not just money; it is all the support. LDS has helped so much.” 

“Even though I am working, it’s not sufficient enough for me to be able to access the services. LDS opened up their arms and they said to me, ‘Don’t worry about it. LDS has in-house financial support.’” 

I feel so grateful. I feel thanks for the financial program, because if I had to pay for it by myself, I don’t think I could do it for my two sons.” 

Will you RISE to the Challenge with us?

Donate now at RISE to the Challenge and help LDS support its most vulnerable learners.