LDS affirms no space for hate

LDS (Learning Disabilities Society) affirms our unwavering support for inclusivity, diversity,  and the promotion of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) rights within our community. Building and maintaining safe, inclusive and equitable spaces includes upholding human rights and the principles of SOGI. This is essential for the health of individuals and families within our LDS family and our entire community.

We understand the harms caused by anti-LGBTQIA2S+ campaigns: the students, staff, and families who require our support are often the most affected. We have made progress in establishing safe spaces and remain dedicated to ensuring every student feels a deep sense of belonging. We consistently stand against disinformation aimed at undoing our progress.  

We are dedicated to providing quality programming and services and a safe environment for ALL students, our team members, and the community. We recognize the importance of respecting and celebrating diverse identities and backgrounds. We are committed to fostering an environment free from discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.  

To our LGBTQIA2S+ students, learners, team members and families – we affirm our clear recognition of your presence, rights, and dignity. We acknowledge that there is still work ahead, and we are committed to helping to create and maintain inclusive physical and virtual spaces that celebrate the diversity of our community. 

Learn more context about the 20 September 2023 ‘1 Million March 4 Children’:

– Rachel S. Forbes, Executive Director

LDS is a community of dedicated professionals who write collaboratively. We recognize the contribution of unnamed team members for their wisdom and input.