The suite of programs that LDS offers for individuals from pre-K all the way through adulthood is really quite unique. I am not aware of any other educational support services that provide that depth and breadth of programming.

- Dr. Nancy Perry, University of British Columbia Professor and Dorothy Lam Chair in Special Education


With over 17 programs for children, youth, adults and families – LDS is a leader in special needs education and offers the most comprehensive learning support in Canada. 

1-to-1 RISE instruction at our East Vancouver & North Vancouver learning centres

Our tutoring and instruction programs follow our unique Research-informed Individualized Student Education (RISE) methodology. Developed from BC’s Core Competencies, research-based curricula, and our intake process, the RISE Method offers an individualized approach to suit the learning difficulties and strengths of each of our students.

Learn more about RISE Instruction here. 

1-to-1 RISE instruction provided in Greater Vancouver schools

,In our Research-informed Individualized Student Education (RISE) program, students work one-to-one with a qualified instructor on ongoing, learning support, remedial instruction, tutoring and homework support. The goal of this program is to improve student independence, confidence, and academic success. 

Learn more about RISE at School here. 

1-to-1 RISE instruction anywhere via our adaptive online platform

In our Research-informed Individualized Student Education at Home (RISE at Home) program, students across BC learn virtually via our secure online systems one-to-one with a qualified instructor through reading intervention, language-based learning, tutoring, and homework support. The goal of this program is to improve student independence, confidence, and academic success by addressing identified skill gaps and learning challenges. 

Learn more about RISE at Home here. 

early childhood education and intervention program

Early RISErs is an early childhood education and intervention program with parent/guardian participation that is focused on equipping families with knowledge about their young child and their learning and development to date.

The program, designed and facilitated by early childhood experts, focuses on key areas of learning and development including early literacy, early numeracy, speech language acquisition, social and emotional learning, and physical literacy to give families a detailed snapshot of their child’s learning and development to date, and engage young children in hands-on learning opportunities carefully scaffolded to individual child’s needs.

Learn more about Early RISErs here. 

LDS Access Mobile Classroom

LDS Access is a mobile classroom service that will meet children with learning disabilities where they are and provide outreach learning support and assistive technology to communities in and around Metro Vancouver.

Learn more about LDS Access here. 

providing access to assistive technology hardware and software tools

At LDS, we are using assistive technology to enhance best practices in our teaching and student learning and to further the accessibility and inclusiveness of our learning support. We are carefully identifying and assessing potential assistive technologies for specific use in individual student’s learning plans to maximize the benefit to each student.

Learn more about RISE Assistive Technology here. 

socially assistive robot enhanced learning

LDS and SIRRL are conducting a pilot study in 2021 with LDS students. Students are given the opportunity to interact with a socially assistive robot in a highly controlled environment alongside their regular instructor. Specific exercises are being developed that are expected to enhance student progress, in particular in areas that relate to social-emotional skills and speech-language.

Learn more about RISE Assistive Robotics here. 

Level-B assessment that provides detailed information on current student performance

The Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement, third edition (KTEA-3) is a Level-B assessment, which provides detailed information on current student performance in the areas of reading, written expression, and mathematics. This can be useful for families who are waiting for a psycho-educational assessment or suspect that their child is not on grade level in certain academic areas. This can be an especially useful tool for families to advocate for learning accommodations for their child. 

KTEA-3 Dyslexia Index are brief, individually-administered, performance-based screening tools that provide risk assessment, strength of risk, and interpretive information for team and parent/caregiver communication regarding individuals who may be at risk for dyslexia.

Learn more about KTEA-3 here. 

referrals to University of British Columbia PSCTC

LDS is thrilled to be able to offer referrals for psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessments to some of our families! Please note this is on a capacity basis and availability may vary depending on when you inquire.

We are collaborating with the University of British Columbia’s Psychological Services and Counselling Training Centre (PSCTC). The PSCTC is a university-based setting for clinical training and research within the UBC’s Faculty of Education. The PSCTC supports graduate training in psychoeducational assessment and intervention, and in counselling, maintains an up-to-date Test Library of psychoeducational assessment and intervention and mental health and social development resources, provides service and leadership in the profession and community, and facilitates research in education.

Learn more about Psychoeducational Assessments here. 

37.5 condensed hours of custom remedial support in maths and language

Our Intensive Intervention program offers students intensive, individualized learning support to build foundational academic skills in literacy and math. A team approach from our highly qualified learning support staff and our amazing team of specialized, passionate instructors, will provide students with reading intervention and math skills to build foundational academic skills.

Learn more about RISE Intensive Intervention here. 

UCLA evidence-based social emotional skills training

In 2021 LDS offered PEERS as a social skills intervention for socially motivated teens who also have a suspected or diagnosed learning difference. We hope to be able to offer the program again in the future.

Developed by Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson at the University of California—Los Angeles (UCLA), the Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS®) is world-renowned for providing evidence-based social skills programming to preschoolers, adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression, and socio-emotional issues. 

Learn more about PEERS here. 

creative theme based camps focused on skills development and fun

Our customized and creative week-long Vancouver camps focus on helping students with learning differences develop new skills through fun, hands-on camp programs with a high instructor and camp counsellor to camper ratio.

Learn more about RISE Summer Camps here. 

Learn more about RISE Spring Break Camps here.

LDS speech language pathologist providing customized support

Our Speech Language Pathologist will work with you and your child to establish person-centred goals. Using evidence-based methods, we will create a speech therapy program for your childensuring that sessions are fun, motivating, and goal-oriented. 

Learn more about LDS SLP sessions here. 

explicit academic instruction  + pre-employment workshops and training

RISE TEAM combines our Research-informed Individualized Student Education (RISE) with additional Training to advance their Employability, Abilities, or support Matriculation (TEAM). This innovative employment readiness project is designed to help teens with learning differences transition from high school to paid employment, training, or higher education. 

RISE TEAM is specifically designed for teen students and will include explicit academic instruction to focus on the needs, interests, and abilities of the teen. 

Learn more about RISE TEAM here.

high school and elementary student peer mentorship

RISE after School is a peer mentorship program for high school students to mentor an elementary school student. This mentorship program is designed to provide both academic and social supports that will enrich both the mentor and the mentee.

As a mentor, you will be giving valuable insights into what life in high school is like, help with schoolwork and be a positive role model for your mentee. 

This mentorship program is designed to provide both academic and social supports that will enrich both the mentor and the mentee. 

Learn more about RISE After School here. 

LDS trained coaches providing support strategies/tools

LDS Family Coaching pairs guardians and parents with our trained coaches to provide guidance, strategies, tools, and mentorship to help you best support the learning needs of your child.

We are happy to discuss issues including those related to: online learning, home schooling, in-school learning, executive functioning and organizational skills, advocating for your child in the school system, assisting your child with homework, strategies to reduce anxiety or stress related to learning, and more.  

Learn more about LDS Family Coaching here. 

adult program + education or employment support

RISE Now tailors our Research-informed Individualized Student Education (RISE) to the needs of adults with suspected or diagnosed learning differences. The program is individualized to support adults in achieving their specific learning, education, or employment goals through targeted support and intervention.

The RISE Now program pairs adult learners with a specialized and compassionate instructor to work towards their career, education, or life goals.

Learn more about RISE Now here.

Dr. Jennifer Fane,
Director of Education

Jennifer Fane, Ph.D., is the LDS Director of Education. Jenn is the co-author of 1 book, 2 book chapters, and 15 peer-reviewed journal articles relating to childhood education. She is also the winner of a national award for teaching—the Australian Awards for University Teaching’s Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning.

Abigail Lobo,
Senior Manager, Education

Abigail Lobo, our Senior Manager, Education holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology and a Board Certification in Inclusion in Special Education (BCISE). She began her journey in the field of special education as an ABA Therapist, has worked for many years closely with children with a range of learning difficulties and developmental delays, supporting them at schools and within the community to forward their academic, social, emotional and behavioural learning. 

Dr. Nancy Perry,
Education Committee Chair

Nancy Perry, Ph.D., is a Board Director and the Chair of our Education Committee. She is also a University of British Columbia Professor and the Dorothy Lam Chair in Special Education. Nancy has co-authored 3 books, 18 book chapters, and over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles. She has edited 6 journals and has received numerous scholarship awards.

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