Katherine Withnall

Development Officer

BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Katherine (she/her) earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Queen’s University. With a research and project management background, she leverages her analytical and problem-solving experience to support LDS’ ongoing growth and development.

Katherine has a deep history of active engagement and leadership with nonprofits, which has ignited her passion for effecting meaningful change within her community. Katherine has an unwavering commitment to ensuring accessible education for everyone, demonstrated in her work and volunteer commitments. She enjoys applying her breadth of skills, experience, resourcefulness, and caring nature to developing and evolving mutually beneficial relationships with LDS’s supporters, partners, and donors.

Katherine enjoys hiking, camping, and spending time at the beach in her spare time. When not outside, Katherine can be found tackling crochet projects, watching movies, or spending time with friends.