Julian Vergara-Weaver

Operations and HR Manager

Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science

Julian (he/him) has a BA in History and Political Science from the University of British Columbia with a strong focus on the history of governments, bureaucracies, and citizen-facing policies. Outgoing and personable, Julian began working in customer service for a large local catering company in 2017, eventually transitioning to a Human Resources management position. Julian deeply understands and appreciates what goes into creating and maintaining a positive, productive, and efficient working environment with an essential focus on people and culture. Julian enjoys working with members of the LDS team and community to foster a sense of belonging, increase inclusivity, and promote diversity.

Julian is active in his community and passionate about housing availability and affordability issues. He volunteers with his housing co-operative and has served in several committee and board positions. Julian enjoys exploring Vancouver and its surrounding areas in his free time, always seeking new experiences in the city he calls home.