RISE at Home program offers students aged 5 through 18 with a suspected or diagnosed learning difference one-to-one support with a qualified instructor. Working on an ongoing basis to improve student independence, confidence, and academic success. 

1) Proven Results.  

LDS students are catching up to their general classroom peers by a quarter or half grade level in one year! Learn more about our Research-informed Individualized Student Education (RISE) methodology here

2) High-quality virtual classroom.  

RISE at Home is offered through TutorCruncher and LessonSpace. These platforms are user-friendly, high-quality, secure, and interactive, giving our community the best remote learning experience possible. These systems facilitate the lesson without distracting our students and create a secure learning environment.  

3) Technologically advanced.  

At LDS we are using assistive technology to enhance best practices in our teaching and student learning and to further the accessibility and inclusiveness of our support. We are carefully identifying and assessing potential assistive technologies for specific use in individual student’s learning plans to maximize the benefit to each student. 

4) Holistic approach to learning.  

We coordinate with parents and guardians, classroom and resource teachers, counsellors, psychologists, family doctors, pediatricians and other professionals to build a full picture of each student’s learning profile. Developing customized learning plans and practicing meticulous instructor matching for each unique student. 

5) Accessible and Inclusive. 

LDS is dedicated to providing equitable and affordable access to learning support for all students. Thanks to the ongoing generous support of our donors, grantors and sponsors, we are able to connect qualifying families with external bursaries as well as provide an internal bursary fund to help subsidize the cost of our programming to families in need. Learn more about our funding options today.  

What our families are saying…  

“My son is enjoying his time with his Instructor. He appreciates the ability to see and speak with her and working on a variety of activities to keep his interest. During these uncertain times, the consistency of this tutoring session is helpful to maintain his motivation.” 

“My daughter has been enjoying her sessions with our tutor using TutorCruncher and LessonSpace, it’s almost a better way to interact for her as she is a “techie” kind of kid so anything on a computer she likes! Overall big thumbs up at this end. We’ll certainly sign up for regular sessions when they become available.” 

“My son is enjoying his time with his Instructor online and is quite interested in using TutorCruncher, he feels like he is learning something new which keeps him engaged!” 

Early RISErs for 3-5 yr olds: applications open now!Learn more!