Top 5 reasons your child with learning differences needs LDS’s specialized online learning support – RISE at Home

Top 5 reasons your child with learning differences needs LDS’s specialized online learning support – RISE at Home

Our RISE at Home program offers students aged 5 through 18 with a suspected or diagnosed learning difference (learning disability) one-to-one specialized support with a qualified remedial instructor. We work with our RISE model (Research-informed Individualized Student Education) to deliver customized learning support to students across Canada using our secure online platform and resources designed specifically to enhance the online learning experience and student engagement.  

1) Proven Results.  

LDS students are catching up to their general classroom peers by a quarter or half grade level in one year! Learn more about our Research-informed Individualized Student Education (RISE) methodology here. We measure progress of our students, both quantitatively and qualitatively in terms of their development of self-confidence, social awareness, decision making and relationship building skills.

2) High-quality virtual classroom.  

RISE at Home is offered through TutorCruncher and LessonSpace. These platforms are user-friendly, high-quality, secure, and interactive, giving our community the best remote learning experience possible. These systems facilitate the lesson without distracting our students and create a secure learning environment.  

We understand that many children struggled with whole class online instruction via their schools, as one teacher trying to support the learning needs of over 20 diverse learners is exceptionally challenging. However, with your child’s one-to-one session at LDS, our instructors use an interactive platform that allows for hands on student engagement and sessions tailored to the learning, engagement, and behavioural needs of each student. Many students who struggled in whole class online sessions are able to very successful engage in individual online sessions developed specifically for them.

3) Technologically advanced.  

At LDS we are using assistive technology to enhance best practices in our teaching and student learning and to further the accessibility and inclusiveness of our support. We are carefully identifying and assessing potential assistive technologies for specific use in individual student’s learning plans to maximize the benefit to each student. You can learn more about our AT here.

4) Holistic approach to learning.  

We coordinate with parents and guardians, classroom and resource teachers, counsellors, psychologists, family doctors, pediatricians and other professionals to build a full picture of each student’s learning profile. We develop customized learning plans and practice meticulous instructor matching and ongoing professional case management for each unique student. We also offer access to other programs to enhance social emotional and executive functioning learning for our students.

5) Accessible and Inclusive. 

LDS is dedicated to providing equitable and affordable access to learning support for all students. Thanks to the ongoing generous support of our donors, grantors and sponsors, we are able to connect qualifying families in BC with external bursaries as well as provide an internal bursary fund to help subsidize the cost of our programming to families in need. Learn more about our funding options today.  

What our families are saying…  

“My son is enjoying his time with his Instructor. He appreciates the ability to see and speak with her and working on a variety of activities to keep his interest. During these uncertain times, the consistency of this tutoring session is helpful to maintain his motivation.” 

“My daughter has been enjoying her sessions with our tutor using TutorCruncher and LessonSpace, it’s almost a better way to interact for her as she is a “techie” kind of kid so anything on a computer she likes! Overall big thumbs up at this end. We’ll certainly sign up for regular sessions when they become available.” 

“My son is enjoying his time with his Instructor online and is quite interested in using TutorCruncher, he feels like he is learning something new which keeps him engaged!” 

Top 5 reasons your child with learning differences needs LDS’s specialized online learning support – RISE at Home

Press Release: Vancouver Charity Expands Individualized Learning Support Services For Students Across B.C. with Learning Differences

Funding available to support costs for students from lower-income households

Vancouver, BC, Aug 17, 2021 – In response to the acute needs of children and youth with learning differences which during the COVID-19 pandemic has frequently translated to less learning support, the Learning Disabilities Society (LDS) is now enabling students across B.C. to receive online learning support  at home in time for Back to School. Fees for the program are on a sliding scale based on household income to ensure all students who require support receive it.

“For students with learning differences, the lack of access and resulting gaps they’ve experienced during the pandemic puts them at an increased risk of falling further behind their peers,” says Dr. Jennifer Fane, Director of Education at LDS. “Our programs focus on those gaps with individualized support also helping their self-confidence and passion for learning, which can have devastating knock-on effects if not addressed.”

The RISE at Home program combines online learning with personalized instruction. The sessions support vulnerable learners by utilizing dynamic and interactive software that enables LDS instructors to customize lessons based on the student’s needs, just as they would during in-person sessions. The format of the program now makes it available to students learning from home throughout B.C., including in regions currently underserved with learning support.

“We have been receiving frequent inquiries from families across B.C. wanting to access specialised learning services for their children that cannot be found in their area,” said Dr. Fane. “After a year of disrupted schooling, many families outside of major city centres are frustrated and worried as they see their child falling further behind and/or not being able to regularly access the support they need. Geography and transportation, just like financial position, should have no bearing on determining a student’s access to the learning supports they need to succeed.”

The program (RISE at Home BC) expands on a program launched in the Lower Mainland in March 2020, to enable LDS students to continue with their one-on-one instruction despite school closures. My daughter has been enjoying her sessions with our tutor using TutorCruncher and LessonSpace, it’s almost a better way to interact for her as she is a “techie” kind of kid so anything on a computer she likes! Overall big thumbs up at this end,” said a parent of an LDS student.

Online delivery of our RISE method has been so successful that many students and families chose to continue online sessions even after our learning centres re-opened and could accommodate in person instruction.  

Along with customized instruction, LDS also provides additional resources and services for RISE students, including access to secure specialized educational software with interactive tools, a dynamic interface and access to our Assistive Technology software suite. Parents can also access resources and guides to further support their child’s learning, like informative videos, webinars, technology support and even family coaching.

“LDS is dedicated to excellence and intentionally expanding our service delivery across all of B.C. This is yet another way LDS is breaking down barriers to bring the highest quality, accessible and inclusive educational supports to those most in need and transform their learning and life outcomes,” says Dr. Fane.

Applications for RISE at Home BC are open now, with placements starting in September for the 2021-22 school year: . Fees for the program are on a sliding scale based on household income.

For more information about the RISE at Home BC program, or LDS, please visit our website or contact our office at or 604.873.8139.


Media contact: 

Jenn Fane, PhD
Director of Education, Learning Disabilities Society 


About Learning Disabilities Society (LDS): 

Founded in 1970, LDS is a nonprofit charity that serves children with suspected or diagnosed learning disabilities by providing customized learning and related supports. LDS’s Research-informed Individualized Student Education (RISE) model enables students to understand their unique strengths, obtain support from specialized remedial instructors, and find success in the classroom and beyond. LDS is committed to making high-quality, affordable learning support accessible to all families, regardless of circumstance. 

How RISE at Home offers the highest quality online instruction experience

How RISE at Home offers the highest quality online instruction experience

When COVID-19 came to Canada, our educators had to find innovative solutions to new challenges. In March of 2020, the LDS team worked around the clock to transform our in-person instructors into online instructors so we could continue to provide the same RISE (Research-informed Individualized Student Education) instruction that our families had come to expect. After dedicating hours to researching the right online platform for our students and their families, we launched our RISE at Home online learning through TutorCruncher and LessonSpace 

We chose TutorCruncher with the full student experience in mind. Far from the surface are the nitty-gritty detailsscheduling, invoicing, timesheetspersonal and organization-wide calendars, reporting to parents and to staff, data tracking, apps that sync people, apps that sync appsWe can also all rest easily knowing that the limited data that’s stored in TutorCruncher is on Canadian servers, is in line with Canadian privacy laws, and adheres to the highest data privacy standards (the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)). Choosing the right software was essential. TutorCruncher helps us coordinate the system that surrounds the student. With software to simplify our operations, we can minimize our resources devoted to administration and maximize developing more resources for families 

TutorCruncher is more than a business management system. Integrated into each scheduled lesson is an interactive whiteboardLessonSpacewhere our instructors and students meet. Many features of LessonSpace will feel familiar. We can see and hear each other through video calls, similar to FaceTime or Skype. On the interactive whiteboard, we can collaborate on schoolwork and the individualized lessons designed by our instructors. Using a collaborative whiteboard may be new for many of our students, but don’t worry. This one is easy to get started and easy to use. And after each session, parents can access lesson reports to keep updated on their child’s progress.  

The online whiteboard is “1-click connect.” It literally walks into a virtual classroom. Your paper and pencil are waiting. Screensharing on the whiteboard is like watching your instructor work out a problem on paper. It has separate tabs, just like turning to a new chapter in a book. It even has built-in graph paper for everyone working on their math skillsEven though it’s online, it feels familiar.  

Together, TutorCruncher and LessonSpace are user friendly, high-quality, secure and interactive—giving our kids, families, and instructors the best experience possible. These systems facilitate the lesson without distracting our students and create a secure learning environment. And they help LDS make learning accessible to more families in our community. 

Our mission is to empower the unique strengths of our students. The foundation of this service is employing instructors with diverse skill sets. Behind our capacity to individualize student learning is our ability to connect students with instructors experienced in creating a unique experience for each of their students, as no two students are the same.  

We find ourselves in a different world these days. Developing our online community is no longer just about keeping our students safe, it is also about keeping our services accessible. When it is important—or even just more convenient—for a child to learn from home, LDS will be there with RISE at Home.

We will continue to research and investigate new modes of teaching.  It is a great time for fostering creative solutions, and we look forward to joining you online via RISE at Home to keep our kids learning! 

Do you have questions, comments or feedback on RISE at Home? Want to find out more information about how we can help your child who has a suspected or diagnosed learning disability? Please get in touch at or 604.873.8139 ext. 102.

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