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When my son was diagnosed with a learning disability at the end of elementary school, it sent me into a tailspin. Not only did I not know one single thing about dysgraphia, nor how to effectively help my son overcome it, I worried about his academic future. How on earth would he ever be able to keep up with the increasing writing demands of high school, never mind university? When he began specialized tutoring services at LDS, he was finally in the right hands: a place where the precise limitations of his learning differences were understood, and where he was provided with evidence-based strategies to help him produce results commensurate with his level of intelligence. What a relief that my son is now supported by such a knowledgeable, experienced team of professionals!  


Eva had a rough Grade 5 year and would suffer from stomach pains due to anxiety from Math. She could not understand the Math lessons, and her teacher was going through the content too fast for her to fully understand and master necessary skills. She started with the LDS one summer to catch up on these skills, and continued on with the center until she graduated elementary. 

In that time period, I have watched Eva gain confidence not only in her Math skills, but also in her ability to tackle schoolwork successfully. She trusted her tutor, and would go to her with any Math lessons or homework that she did not understand. I would say that Eva is a much calmer and confident student than she was before she started with the LDS. The Math anxiety and related ailments are gone now, and she is looking forward to a bright start to high school.  

Eva’s Testimony:

“My experience with LDS started after Grade 5. At that time, I was struggling with Math really badly. Thankfully, I ended up with Jennifer, who helped me out with all of my homework and Math problems. The atmosphere at LDS to me was always inviting, and the staff welcomed the students. Now, I don’t have that much of a hard time with Math anymore, and I’m glad that I got help from Jennifer.”


Being a high-energy and distractible child, Jeremy had trouble learning in the classroom. When he started the LDS Satellite School Program in Grade 1, he could not read, and did not even know the alphabet yet. Because of this, the school prescribed him as a continuing candidate for remedial instruction with the program. 

Jeremy’s progress was slow at the start, but he eventually mastered the entire alphabet, and had begun to read by the start of Grade 3. This was the year that he really “got” reading. In that year alone, he mastered all his sight words, and the phonetic technique to reading. He found delight in his skill, and expressly says that it was because of his LDS instructors that he learned to read. By his Grade 6 year, Jeremy continued to develop his reading skills, especially comprehension, and is now reading at the appropriate grade level. 


Stephanie is a former LDS student who stayed with the center for three years, but has since done so well at school that she did not feel the need for academic support anymore by the time she reached Grade 7. She started coming for one-on-one Orton Gillingham tutoring one summer before her Grade 3 year. She was at a late Grade 1 reading level then, and was very timid when attempting to read aloud. She did not write in complete sentences, even though her penmanship was beautiful. However, through her sessions at LDS, she gained a confidence and a love for reading. By the end of Grade 4, she had caught up in reading and comprehension skills. What’s more, she sought out books independently, and would now ask her parents for books as gifts. Written language success followed, and she made gains in her writing skills in the next two years. By the end of Grade 6, she had caught up to her peers and was feeling confident academically. Her father claims that at her Grade 7 year, Stephanie was named the best writer in her class!

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