RISE Camps

Our customized and creative week-long Vancouver summer camps focus on helping students with learning differences develop new skills through fun, hands-on camp programs with high instructor and camp counsellor to camper ratio.


Students from grades 3 to 6 are the best fit for our RISE summer camps. If you’re not sure of an age or ability fit, please start by filling out an application form and we’ll discuss it with you in a follow up call (in 1-2 weeks).

Non-LDS students will need to complete an intake interview.


The camps will be held at our spacious indoor location that will be adapted to ensure dedicated personal space and supplies for each child:

In East Vancouver, summer camps will be held at our Learning Centre at 3292 East Broadway and Rupert and use surrounding green and parkway space.


Summer 2022 camps are currently scheduled during the following weeks (may be subject to change):

July 4–8; 25–29
August 8-12; 15-19; 22-26
Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm

Additional one-to-one instruction is also available during the summer.

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RISE & Tell Camp

Tell Your Story

Your child will get creative and explore the many exciting ways to tell stories through written word, oral histories, plays, graphic novels, poetry, online storyboarding and more. Each camper will work closely with our language team to learn the skills to create their own story to share and publish with the group at the end of the week!

Weekly Activity Schedule
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RISE & Solve Camp

Discover Your World

Your child will develop and use various detective skills to solve all sorts of problems, including puzzles, science games, educational team games, outdoor scavenger hunts (if possible), and more.

Weekly Activity Schedule

Why are LDS RISE Summer Camps the best?

Our Vancouver summer camp programming follows the same high standards as our tried and tested one-to-one instruction. Our Research-Informed Individualized Student Education (RISE) program focuses on drawing from collective expertise to customize a program that is right for your child, wherever they are in their learning journey. We are applying these standards within our summer camp programs, where each group will be no larger than 10 students.

The customized programming of our RISE & Tell and RISE & Solve summer camps will respond to the campers’ individual needs and will include key learning principles for students with suspected or diagnosed learning differences in:

  • reading, processing, writing, written expression.
  • computation and problem solving.
  • executive functioning/self-regulation, organizational and time management skills

Each day will include fun indoor and outdoor activities to build on the summer camp themes and encourage teamwork, personal health and safety, social skills, outdoor exploration, and games. Every student will receive focused assistance on projects taking place within the summer camp (e.g. writing tasks).

Group instruction will be provided by LDS instructors who have specific training and many years of experience in teaching and remedial education for children with learning differences. Additional supervision and guidance will be provided by other trained camp mentors who will assist with group activities. All summer camp staff have criminal record checks (or equivalent for minors who are camp mentors), training in working with vulnerable populations and all leaders and instructors have first aid training.

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Our week-long, full-day summer camps provide not only engaging and educational programming for our campers, but also convenient scheduling for working families.


Registering more than one camper? Or one camper for more than one week? Any two weeks of camps is 10% off the total cost of all camps.

Campers Intake

Once your camper’s intake (if required) is approved by our staff, your spot will be confirmed.

Note that sending an application through the form is not a guarantee of a spot or of a theme or week request.

$550 for a one-week camp

Monday to Friday 9 am – 4 pm

We’re pleased to offer bursaries to families who can show demonstrated financial need. We can give you more information after you’ve filled out the initial application form.

Our camps will offer specialized social skill development and therefore we understand they are eligible for Ministry Autism/ASD funding.

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Become a Donor

Thank you to our generous donors, sponsors and third-party funders who make it possible for us to provide bursaries and affordable summer camp programs to students.

We thank CKNW Kids Fund and Canada Summer Jobs grants for their specific support during summer 2021.

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Thank you to our donors

Our donors play a vital role in sustaining our programming. We are so grateful for their continued support of children and youth in our community with learning differences.