Press Release: Vancouver Charity Expands Individualized Learning Support Services For Students Across B.C. with Learning Differences

Funding available to support costs for students from lower-income households

Vancouver, BC, Aug 17, 2021 – In response to the acute needs of children and youth with learning differences which during the COVID-19 pandemic has frequently translated to less learning support, the Learning Disabilities Society (LDS) is now enabling students across B.C. to receive online learning support  at home in time for Back to School. Fees for the program are on a sliding scale based on household income to ensure all students who require support receive it.

“For students with learning differences, the lack of access and resulting gaps they’ve experienced during the pandemic puts them at an increased risk of falling further behind their peers,” says Dr. Jennifer Fane, Director of Education at LDS. “Our programs focus on those gaps with individualized support also helping their self-confidence and passion for learning, which can have devastating knock-on effects if not addressed.”

The RISE at Home program combines online learning with personalized instruction. The sessions support vulnerable learners by utilizing dynamic and interactive software that enables LDS instructors to customize lessons based on the student’s needs, just as they would during in-person sessions. The format of the program now makes it available to students learning from home throughout B.C., including in regions currently underserved with learning support.

“We have been receiving frequent inquiries from families across B.C. wanting to access specialised learning services for their children that cannot be found in their area,” said Dr. Fane. “After a year of disrupted schooling, many families outside of major city centres are frustrated and worried as they see their child falling further behind and/or not being able to regularly access the support they need. Geography and transportation, just like financial position, should have no bearing on determining a student’s access to the learning supports they need to succeed.”

The program (RISE at Home BC) expands on a program launched in the Lower Mainland in March 2020, to enable LDS students to continue with their one-on-one instruction despite school closures. My daughter has been enjoying her sessions with our tutor using TutorCruncher and LessonSpace, it’s almost a better way to interact for her as she is a “techie” kind of kid so anything on a computer she likes! Overall big thumbs up at this end,” said a parent of an LDS student.

Online delivery of our RISE method has been so successful that many students and families chose to continue online sessions even after our learning centres re-opened and could accommodate in person instruction.  

Along with customized instruction, LDS also provides additional resources and services for RISE students, including access to secure specialized educational software with interactive tools, a dynamic interface and access to our Assistive Technology software suite. Parents can also access resources and guides to further support their child’s learning, like informative videos, webinars, technology support and even family coaching.

“LDS is dedicated to excellence and intentionally expanding our service delivery across all of B.C. This is yet another way LDS is breaking down barriers to bring the highest quality, accessible and inclusive educational supports to those most in need and transform their learning and life outcomes,” says Dr. Fane.

Applications for RISE at Home BC are open now, with placements starting in September for the 2021-22 school year: . Fees for the program are on a sliding scale based on household income.

For more information about the RISE at Home BC program, or LDS, please visit our website or contact our office at or 604.873.8139.

Media contact: 

Jenn Fane, PhD
Director of Education, Learning Disabilities Society 

About Learning Disabilities Society (LDS): 

Founded in 1970, LDS is a nonprofit charity that serves children with suspected or diagnosed learning disabilities by providing customized learning and related supports. LDS’s Research-informed Individualized Student Education (RISE) model enables students to understand their unique strengths, obtain support from specialized remedial instructors, and find success in the classroom and beyond. LDS is committed to making high-quality, affordable learning support accessible to all families, regardless of circumstance.